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Psychological Health

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2020October 11th,The Fourth Training Conference of the Mutual Assistance Team of Psychological and Mutual Assistance Team at the School of Computer School was held at the computer building 308,This meeting is the first meeting after the fourth heart assistance meeting,Teacher Liao Yiyi introduced the new member'seabet casino review s heart assistance meeting and trained how to carry out the work。Heart Assistance will "follow psychological health,Solve actual problems,escort the growth of college students "is the purpose,Propagate psychological health knowledge through various forms、Help college students solve actual seabet app download psychological problems,To shape a healthy personality。Mainly responsible for psychological problems census、Crisis response and skill training and other tasks。

Teacher Liao first introduced the working scope of the members of the Xinxin Association as the 4 undergraduate grades of the college,Cross headquarters、South School、Three campuses of the railway,To strengthen the contact with the psychological members of each grade,Talk to the working method at work。Member of Heart seabet online sports betting Assistance is the core part of the college's mental health,Everyone should play the role of an independent individual,Observe more students around,Look more、Listen、Think about it,For students with special circumstances, report it in time,Time to process。Last,Teacher Liao and everyone explain the cause of psychological discomfort,If learning seabet casino review questions、Emotional Substation、Interpersonal communication questions、Economic pressure、Body disease、major stress events, etc.。

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Heart assistance will be a young life,But the vitality is unlimited。What do students look like,What will happen to the heart of the heart。I hope everyone will be a guardian like Xiangjiang embankment,Guardian classmates,Common growth,Farewell seabet app download to the middle of the south,Failure to help time。

Author: Liao Yiyi

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