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Psychological Health

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Source: Click: Time: November 20, 2020 20:20

2020November 20th,The Fifth Training Conference of the Mutual Assistance Team of Psychological and Mutual Assistance Team at the School of Computer School is successfully carried out at the second comprehensive 428,The theme of this training is the psychological crisis and intervention of college students,The main training target is a member of the 4th Pengers Assistance Association of the College,and the college psychological seabet app download committee member,Classification from a psychological crisis、Groups that are prone to psychological crisis and three -level goals for psychological crisis prevention,and inform everyone how to do it when I discover the crisis。

Teacher Liao Yiyi first introduced the psychological crisis into a development crisis、Situation crisis and existence crisis。Then the group that often occurs in psychological crisis is like a poor student、The only child of the seabet sports betting only child、Newborn、Graduates、Student groups such as academic difficulties,Classification situation Explanation。Then I introduced the three -level goal of psychological crisis prevention to curb the upcoming crisis in the bud state; pay attention to the susceptible people,Reduce the incidence of crisis and promote individual growth and development。Finally, Teacher Liao emphasized what to do if a psychological crisis intervention can do as members of the mutual seabet mobile assistance team: first of all, the most important point is to report to the counselor immediately;,Keep calm,Listening more,Talk less,Let him talk about his inner feelings; be patient,To accept him,Do not judge the right or wrong; believe that what he said and any signs of suicide he exposed; do not promise to keep the concept of suicide; encourage him to talk to other trusted people,Seeking the help of others、Support; Give Hope,Let seabet online sports betting them know that the difficulties they face can be changed; in the end, Teacher Liao said that psychological crisis focuses on prevention,Putting the job to usual,I hope everyone can improve their level after learning this knowledge,Better discover problems,Help students。

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The Peer Mutual Assistance Team is the backbone force for the smooth development of psychological health in colleges and universities,I hope everyone can keep in mind their identity,Report it in time if you seabet app download have any questions,Build a rational, peaceful and stable campus cultural atmosphere。

Author: Yu Yufan

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