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Psychological Health

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​​Source: Friends Psychological Mutual Aid Club Click: Time: March 13, 2021 10:33

To further strengthen the construction of the mental assistance meeting seabet casino review of the School of Computer,Better to the new semester of mental health education,The first meeting of this semester of the Psychological Mutual Assistance Association of the School of Computer Academy is at3month10Day1600Computer Building at the headquarters of Central South University308The conference room was held。This conference was presided over by the Heart Assistant Instructor Liao Yiyi to host it,President Ma Lingyao and Ministers of various departments participated in this meeting,Plan for mental health education in the new semester。

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seabet casino review At the beginning of the meeting,Teacher Liao Yiyi pointed out the lack of work in various departments last semester,Finger correct。Then emphasize that the new semester should improve the psychological mutual aid team of all friends、The importance of the internal training of the Heart Assistance,Creative collection and event planning for activities such as seabet mobile the "525 Mental Health Festival" in the new semester。At the same time,Teacher Liao also pointed out that learning should be based on learning,Balanced development in all aspects。Last,The final summary by the chairman Ma Lingyao,and clarified the division of labor of various departments in the new semester。

This meeting effectively undertakes the work of last semester and the seabet casino review new semester,For various departments of last semester、The work of each member fully affirmed,It also made a clear arrangement for the work of the new semester。I hope that with the joint efforts of the members of the Heart Assistance,The work of this semester will be more efficient and outstanding。

Writers: Feng Zezheng, Liao Yiyi

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