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Psychological Health

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May 19 to 22, 2021,Teacher Liao Yiyi, psychological assistance of the School of Computer Academy,Class 104 Classroom D in the New Campus and the Railway Campus 2 Comprehensive 411 Classroom,The training session of the pertinental psychological mutual assistants with the theme "College Student Psychological Crisis Identification and Suicide Prevention"seabet sports betting ,All members of the Heart Assistance Association of the Computer Academy and psychological members of each class、Deputy squad leader participated。

First,Teacher Liao Yiyi popularized the relevant knowledge of the discovery and identification of psychological crisis。From"Attitude、Psychological、Action ",It tells what specific help can we provide as a generation。During the process of describing, use questions about questions,seabet sports betting Guide psychological mutual assistants think about how to help classmates and friends around them from myself。

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Then,Teacher interpret some common suicide cognitive misunderstandings,Popularized some basic common sense,Correct a variety of misunderstandings。During the description process, the relevant terms can be simple and easy to understand,Solved the questions of most students,Prepare for the class affairs for the seabet app download psychological committee and the deputy squad leader,Lay a solid foundation for the psychological mutual assistance work for the peers。

Last,Teacher Liao Yiyi called for members of the Xinxin Assistant and the class committees to pay attention to the mental health status of the classmates,Provide help in time,Contact professional instructor when necessary,Effective relief、To solve some psychological problems that may exist in college students。

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seabet casino review Through this lecture,Not only deepen the psychological mutual assistants' understanding of psychological crisis and suicide,and also allows them to master some practical and effective methods to help others,strengthened the basic power of mutual assistance。Life is only once,We must cherish our lives。Teacher Liao Yiyi mentioned at the end"If the heart is facing the sun, there is no fear of wind and rain."

                                     Writer: He Xueqin

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