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Psychological Health

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seabet mobile Source: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of the School of Computer Academy Click: Time: November 10, 2021 12:44

On the afternoon of November 6, 2021, fromZhongnan University University Student Mental Health Education Center、sponsored by the Federation of Psychological Mutual Assistance Federation of College Students of Zhongnan University,The Fifth Campus Psychological Knowledge Contest hosted by the Psychological Mutual seabet casino review Assistance Association of the School of Computer Academy is at the New Campus of Central South UniversityBlock B 101, 102, 117 classrooms were successfully held.

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1 o'clock in the afternoon,Contestants selected by each second -level college enrolled in an orderly manner,The staff of the test room reminds those who enter the venue to wear a mask,Guide players to test temperature、Disinfection、Sign in。Players sit after sitting,Investigators announced the rules of seabet casino review the examination room,Check the identity of the reference staff。ringtone sound,The students immediately devoted themselves to a tense answer。Monitoring staff always follow the progress of the competition,Maintain the test room discipline,Make sure the game is going smoothly。

After the game,Course by the modification group、Check the test paper,Last unified score、Ranking。A total of eight college teams participated in seabet app download the Finals of the Psychological Knowledge Competition in this competition,respectively: Law School、Marxist Academy、School of Literature and News and Communication、School of Civil Engineering、Computer Academy、School of Transportation Engineering、Business School、Xiangya Medical College。

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The holding of this psychological knowledge competition,It aims to stimulate the enthusiasm of our college students to actively study seabet app download psychological science,Cultivate a new era college student with psychological science,Comprehensively improve students' mental health literacy and basic helpandSelf -help ability,Promote the comprehensive development of physical and mental,Create a sunny campus atmosphere。

Writer: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of Psychological Mutual Assistance at the School of Computer Academy Ye Xianya Liao Yiyi

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