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Psychological Health

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Source: Heart Assistance Meeting Click: Time: December 01, 2021 21:50

seabet app download November 28, 2021,from Central South University's Mental Health Education Center、sponsored by the University of Central South University Students and Mutual Assistance Federation,The fifth "Knowledge Companion,Consciousness "Campus Psychological Knowledge Contest Final,Successfully held at Yuxiu Building 411 at Zhongnan University。

The invited guest of this competition is Zhang Jianghua, Deputy Minister of the Student Work Department of Central South University,seabet mobile The judges of this competition are Teacher Wang Mengxiang, Central South University Psychological Center、Teacher Liu Dan、Teacher Li Jingru,Huang Wenli, Chairman of the Heart Union of Zhongnan University,Vice Chairman Yang Lu,The guest of this competition is Teacher Liao Yiyi, the instructor of the Psychological Assistance Association of the School of Computer School of Central South University、Teacher Song Xiaomeng。

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Nine o'clock in the morning,The game officially started。seabet app download The finals are divided into eight entrances and four promotion competitions and finals,The promotion is divided into two parts: team must answer questions and time limit questions。Working between team members,Difficulty of Jotal,The first four teams will enter the finals for the finals。Finals are divided into two parts: the ring competition and simulation conversation,The main take turns in the ring of the ring,Wonderful and exciting; the players seabet casino review in the simulation conversation listen carefully to the students who play the consultant,Following good temptation,It also drives the audience to think about how to deal with this situation。

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After a morning competition,After reviewing the judges,The final score of the four teams has also been announced。Xiangya Medical College won the first,School of Computer、Law School won the second prize,Marxist Academy、Business School、The School of Civil Engineering won the third prize,School seabet casino review of Literature and News and Communication、The School of Transportation Engineering won the winning prize。

In the sound of music,The award -winning team came to the stage to receive the prize in order and took a photo with the teacher,This competition also ended in applause。I hope that students can be familiar with the commonly used psychological knowledge through this competition,Actively apply in your own life,Create a warm and harmonious campus environment。

Writer: Psychological seabet sports betting Mutual Assistance Meeting of the School of Computer Academy Zhang Hanqiao Liao Yiyi

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