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Psychological Health

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Source: Computer Academy Heart Assistance Meeting Click: Time: May 23, 2022 18:30

   10 am on May 21, 2022,The School of Computer, Central South University carried out the "Love" reading club activity,During the event, you seabet online sports betting can share communication,Feel love from the book、Get love。

This event collects reading and sharing manuscripts from students from college,Staff of the Heart Assistance Care,Last three people entered the last reading exchange: Software Engineering 2003 Bastfeed,Computer and communication class seabet casino review 2114 Li Ling,Information Security 1901 Rain Yu Fan。At this online book sharing meeting,These three students have a wonderful exchange of books and unique feelings shared by others,How to correctly go to "The Art of Love"; "Kill a Knowing Birds" that shows the conflict of human nature and legal conflict;。Each seabet app download player starts from the content and spiritual connotation of the book,Combine your personal perception and experience,Tell the audience about the story of themselves and books。


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  Although this reading meeting has ended,But the story of books and our lives has not yet been cut off。I hope that every player who participates seabet sports betting in this reading club,Be able to maintain the love of books in my heart。In the future,Continue to soothe the minds of yourself and others with books。

Craftsman: Zhang Hanqiao Song Xiaomeng

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