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Psychological Health

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Source: Click: Time: April 25, 2024 15:57

Saturday, April 20, 2024 15:30 pm,College Student seabet sports betting "5 · 25" Psychological Health Festival series of activities of mental health micro -film work contests Contest and awards ceremony of the Computer Academy Contest at the New Campus Information Building 535,Heart Assistance Teacher Yuan Yi attended,The reviewers are all members of the participating crews and Xinfu Association。This event aims to record the psychological state of college students through micro -film,Optimize psychological quality of college students,seabet casino review Cultivate college students' self -psychological adjustment skills and methods,Promote the physical and mental harmony of students,Healthy growth。

Selection of the preliminary round,The finalists of the finals include the "Dance of the Balance of University Road" crew of "Eight Eight Eight East" and "Soft Industry 2201 Special Group" crew "Ten Ambush"。

At the beginning of the event,The host introduces the activity process,Then the representatives of the participating crew came to power in order,seabet sports betting Explain the creative concept and the value of the work for the audience. Play the crew's works。

First of all, "Dance of the Balance of University Road",This work tells the protagonist Enqi in confusion when he was unable to balance his learning and life when he first entered college,But with the help of friends and teachers, the story of the predicament finally out of the predicament。

Then,"Ten Ambush" tells the protagonist and friends due to negligence and greed,Unfortunately being fraud,Fortunately, wake seabet casino review up in the last dream,Give us psychological thinking about "greed"。

The work of the work is over,Teacher and student jury vote for various works。Based on the final voting results "Dance of the Balance of University Road" won the first prize,"Ten Ambush" won the second prize。Heart Assistance Teacher Yuan Yi, Yuan Yi, presented awards to the winning crew。

So far,This psychological health micro -film work contest ended。This competition,Participants show subtle changes in the emotional world through the lens,Explore the complex emotion and psychological challenges seabet mobile deep in the students in the hearts,Touch the heartstrings,Stimulates people's attention and thinking about themselves and the inner world of others。I hope to help students learn emotional management,Reasonable vent; learn to express goodwill,Follow others,Build a healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship for yourself and others,Get a better life!

Writer: Chen Youzheng

Instructor: Yuan Yi

Time: April 21, 2024

First instance: Yuan Yi   

Second Trial: Shi Lei Hong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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