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Notice Announcement

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Source: Click: Time: April 03, 2022 16:57

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Student stage is the key stage of life development,It is also a psychological problem"Well Spraying Period"。To help students understand themselves correctly,Unzip your mind at the same time,Enjoy the beauty brought by youth、Hope and happiness,So I have"5 · 25""5 · 25"It is to remind everyone that while facing new life and challenges,You must also learn to protect yourself in the process of struggle,Love yourself。Learn to relax and rest when you are too tired,Re -recover my firm steps in the confused life,Learn Emotional Management,Reasonable seabet app download vent; learn to express goodwill,Follow others。Let yourself build a healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship,Get a good life!

2. Activity theme and activity name

Topic:"Looking for me, hug me"

Activity theme:525Voices of Psychological Health Works Competition

3. Event hosting and undertaking unit

Event Organizer: Mental Health Education Center of College Students in Zhongnan University

Zhongnan University University Student Student Psychological Assistance Federation

Activity organizer: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of the School of Civil Engineering, Central South University

Activity Association: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of the School of Computer School of Central South University

Event official website: website website

Event official WeChat platform: Zhongnan Xinyuan, Xinxin help small biscuits

Event officialQQ: Zhongnan Xinyuan、Voice of the heart、Central South University School of Computer School

4. Participants

All undergraduates and graduate students at the School of Computer, Central South University

Five, activity time

Received date of the work:2022YearApril9Day

CommentTrial time:2022YearApril 10Day—2022YearApril 11Day

Announced results:2022YearApril 13Day

6. Registration method

Each class heart committeeAfter seabet casino review receiving the relevant notification,XiangForward notification of each class,Explain the theme content and requirements of the event,Students voluntarily register for the competition,Each classThe summary table of the participating works selected and the original electronic version of the participating works inApril9Send to a few days agoSpecify mailbox.

7. Work requirements

1)Works close to the theme of the eventLooking for me, hug me"",To convey health up,Active and optimistic attitude of life for the purpose,The main theme of expressing its own self -knowledge and ideology,Full feelings,Sincerely,Content health,Audio Clear。(English and other foreign language dubbing works should have bilingual subtitles,Otherwise, the work will be regarded as unqualified。)

2)The subtitles of the dubbing work must be clearly written"Work Name+Author's Name+Work Specific"。The duration of the dubbing work should not exceed three minutes


After the selection of the hospital, the selection will be selected1-2Participate seabet casino review in the school competition,The preliminary requirement of the school competition is the same in the hospital.,School TournamentThe dubbing works of the finals are three to five minutes long,The final works are the same as the preliminary work (the preliminary work can be a certain fragment,The final works are complete fragments)Players who are shortlisted in the finals submit a one -minute dubbing material to the relevant staff within the specified time (must not be the primary and final dubbing materials),The development of the improvisation of the finals。

3)Works usemp4、avi、WMV、mpg and other network universal formats,The resolution must not be less than 720 × 576p (standard clear),Clear screen,sound quality without loss,Works must be marked with subtitles。

4)Participants can participate in single or team participation (limit1-3People).

5)EachClass GeneralThe work is submitted in the form of compression packages. The compressed package should include:① Statistics table. (Name method: xxClassSummary seabet online sports betting Form for Participating Works of Dubbing Contest)

② Works. naming method:"Class+name/teamname"",such as"Computer 2001Classxx/xx Team. The compression package is unified inApril9Day22: 00 Send to the The compressed package naming format is"xxClassSummary of dubbing works。(It is necessary,Once discovered falsification,Cancel the qualification of the game)

Note: After the selection of the hospital, the selection will be selected1-2 partExcellentWorksParticipate in the school competition

Other requirements

1)Participating in the evaluation works involved in copyright and other issues,The author is responsible for itself,The organizer does not bear responsibility。

2)Once hired by the entries,Will not return it,The organizer enjoys the right to use free of use,The creator reserves the right to sign the signature。

3)All participating works must be dubbed for the contestants,If the bad phenomenon of the dubbing of others is found,Immediately cancel the seabet sports betting player's qualification。

8. Selection method

1)Submit the work

EachClass Heart CommitteeAfter seabet casino review receiving the relevant notification, send notice to each class in time, explain the theme content and requirements of the event, eachClassThe submission work should be summarized inApril9Day22: 00 Send to the designated


Submitted works need to ensure that the work is really dubbing,Once discovered falsification,Cancel the qualification of the game,For details, see [Work Requirements]。

2)On -site review

From eachGrade class committees and counselor teachersOn -site voting,Rating all works in order in accordance with the percentage system,The average value is the final result。Rank according to scores,Finally choose from excellent1-2 worksParticipate in the schoolTournament.

Note:If there are multiple works in the last quota, the results are the same,is selected together。

Time:2022YearApril 10Day--2022YearApril 12Day

Location: Another notice

9. Award settings

Hospital awards

First Prize (2): Bluetooth audio

Second Prize (3): Mini Fan

Third Prize (5): The dormitory is pillow

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