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Notice Announcement

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Source: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of the School of Computer Academy Click: Time: April 04, 2022 11:02

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The complicated moments of life linger around us,With the increasingly developed information interaction,We are surrounded by various messages、Wrapped in fast -paced,With the torrent of the times, seabet mobile I continue to run around,But forgot to stop thinking about your way。The idealized life defined by the eyes,What seems to be good、What is not good and has been portrayed clearly、Definition Determination,What about the life we ​​yearn for? What do we yearn for ourselves?,The real voice of your own belongs to your own sound disappear。We follow the flow,No longer thinking。

But is this a world、Facing the attitude of life? Each of us is a unique flower,Blooming in your own attitude,The era of openness gives us independent personality、Free lifestyle,What we should do is to make our own unique voice from the times,Not only explores life,Explore yourself inward,Do not care about the various seabet casino review definitions of the outside world,Yue Na Self,Accept the real self。

2. Activity theme and activity name

Topic:"Looking for me, hug me"

Event Name: The Eighth Campus Top Ten Mind Guardian Angel Selection Activities

Theme explanation: The theme of this event is"Looking for me, hug me"。You after going to college,Do you feel busy life,No time to look up? Do you feel confused in the future,I wonder the future? Do you feel at a loss,Lost learning goals? These "blind" dilemmas will hinder our road,It also makes what we want to do cannot glow and heat。

"I have a long time with me,Ning Mei Me "This ancient wisdom still echoed the world after thousands of years,In the face of the truth, people are lost in the surging crowd。Actually most of the time,Our biggest opponent is actually。A classmate who seabet online sports betting dare not speak on stage,It is full of fear for the podium,But when he bravely face,Keep trying constantly,Find the reason hidden behind,Play medicine for the cause,Maybe you can overcome the inner fear,Become confident and generous。As Nietzsche said: "Smart people only need to know themselves,It will not lose "。

On the way to find,May encounter some obstacles,Makes you feel pain、anxiety、Sorry,This may be normal,The most important thing is to embrace everything,Yue Na Self。can be achieved"Who has no storm and rain,The realm of keeping the clouds and seeing the moon。

3. Event hosting and undertaking unit

Event Organizer: Mental Health Education Center of College Students in Central South University、Zhongnan University University seabet casino review Student Student Mutual Assistance Federation

Activity organizer: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of the School of Physics and Electronics of Central South University

Activity Cooperator: Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting of Peer Psychological Mutual Assistance in each secondary college

Event Official Website: Website

Event official WeChat platform: Zhongnan Xinyuan、Light of Electrical Electricity of Zhongnan University、Hearts help small biscuits

Event officialQQ platform: Zhongnan Xinyuan、The Institute of Electrical and Electrical-Warm Care、Computer College Heart Wall

4. Participants

All teachers and students of the School of Computer

5. Activity time (adjustment of the situation of the epidemic)

Registration deadline2022YearApril 10Day2100

6. Registration method

Personal participation materials are summarized, please be inApril 10Day21seabet sports betting Send it to the designated mailbox before

Seven, material requirements

1、The 8th Campus Top Ten Mind Guardian Angel Recommendations (see Table 1);

2、Personal life photos are not less than 3 (clarity is not less than 1m,It needs 4: 3 horizontal version of the electronic original picture),and related certification materials (such as: personal advanced things to proof materials,Data is within 3000 words);

Note: The recommended table content and main deeds must be filled in around psychological health education。

8. Contact information

Contact: 鄢 Yu Fan


QQ: 1427022436

Central South University School of Computer Academy Psychological Mutual Assistance Association


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