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Notice Announcement

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Source: Click: Time: April 15, 2022 15:34

Personal application and college Youth League Committee、Student Union、Graduate Association review,Fairness、Public、Principles of Justice,Select the School of Computer2021-2022 advanced collective and advanced individual,The list will be announced as follows:

I. Excellent Student Union

Student Union of Computer School

2. Student Union Star Department

The Student Union of the School of Computer School

3, Student Union Work Innovation Award

    Student Union of Computer School

4. Cadres of Excellent Student Union

Yuan  Yi   Ye  Wei   Gold  Yi   Li Binghan

Five, Outstanding Student Union Work Volunteer

Chen Zhenzhen   Liu Jianhan   Liu Zhihong   Wang  Yuan   Xiang  Eucalyptus   Xiao  foreign

6. Excellent Graduate Association

    Graduate Association of Computer School

7. Cadres of Excellent Graduate Association

He Xiaohao   Horse  Xin   Qu  Min   Meng Xiaoxi

8. Volunteers of Outstanding Graduate Association

Cui Xiaoxu   Liu Huadan   Horse  Cheng   Wang  Photo   Xiao Xiaoqiang   Xie Huixuan


Publicity Time:April 15, 2022-Fore April 17, 2022

Contact:  Yuan Yi

Contact number:19933765066

Anyone who has objections, pleaseCall with a telephone seabet casino review before April 17、Email or written real name to the college Youth League、Student Union、Graduate reflection。

Central South University School of Computer School

Student Union of the School of Computer School of Zhongnan University

Graduate School of Computer School of Central South University

April 15, 2022



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