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Notice Announcement

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To learn and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping'seabet app download s establishment of the Chinese Communist Youth LeagueThe spirit of the important speech of the 100th Anniversary Conference,Actively promote party history learning and education and group history、Regiment、Normalization of group love learning,Welcome the 20th victory of the party to hold,Computer AcademyStudent UnionResponse school call,Decision FaceCollegeDevelopment of all students"Hundred Years Youth Road, always walk with the party"StudentParty League Knowledge Competition. seabet casino review The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. seabet sports betting

Youth Centennial Road Always walk with the party

two, Organization unit

Organizer: Student Union of the School of Computer School of Central South University、Graduate Association

3, Participants

Undergraduate students at the School of Computer, Central South University、Graduate

Four, Competition arrangement

This party group knowledge competition is divided into two sections: personal challenge and group competition selection:

(1) Personal Challenge

Activity Time: From now on to2022yearJune 3

Participation method: seabet app download All students can participate in the online answer activity by scanning the QR code below,The number of answers is not limited,SameIDYou can answer multiple times.

Sort the length of time used in the first answers to the full score, first100Famous students can be evaluated by the party group knowledge competition"Excellent Personal" title.

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(2) Selection of team competition team

Participation method: Activities to participate in personal independent registration,Registration time deadlineMay 1, May 16 am on the 6th at 12:00 am,Interested students can add QQ group926694353Complete registration.

Competition form: Online party group knowledge competition test.

Selection Principles: Reference Score,Comprehensive evaluation high -person representative college formed a representative team。Select the team of the Hospital Team4 students,Undergraduate and graduate students are selected at 3: 1 ratio。

Question Library Scope: "Knowledge of Party History1000Questions "(People's Daily Press) and" Group History Group Affairs1000Question "(Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences).

The college team will seabet mobile participate in the follow -up team competition on behalf of the college,School Group Finals Decising the Group Champion、runner -up and third place1 team and group winning award several branches,Several single prizes such as "Best Answers"。Specific Rules of the event will be notified separately。

Student Union of the School of Computer School of Zhongnan University

Graduate School of Computer School of Central South University

2022yearMay 15Day

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