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Notice Announcement

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To further strengthen the construction of the cadre team of the student community,According to the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures for the Construction of Student Associations of Central South University" (Zhongda Party Xuezi [2020] No. 4),The School of Computer College Starts 2020-2021 Academic Year of the Student Association.。

seabet mobile Leader of the Party Committee of the College、At the guidance of the Youth League Committee,Registration through independent、Nomination recommendation、Public selection、Collective discussion decision and other links,List of the person in charge of the new community,Public announcement as follows:

Society name

The person in charge

The college where is located

The person in charge

Where the class is located

The name of the person in charge


Hanyi handicraft

Production Association

School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical 200Class 9

Li Tao

Henyt Titthalsonhali

Baidu Encyclopedia


Transportation Engineering


Traffic Control 2102Class

Lin Moo -hyun

Shi Lei Hong

Social practice


School of Materials Science and Engineering

Material T2101

Zhou Yuran

Shi Lei Hong

Moderator Association

School of Public Management

Administrative Management 200Class 2


Xu Ning

New Youth Talking Troupe

School of Literature and News and Communication

Published Class 2103

Liu Wanqiu

Xu Ning

seabet sports betting Robotic Association

Computer Academy

Communication Engineering Class 2002

Liu Jiangyi

Jiang Fu

Drone Association

Computer Academy

Communication Engineering 2002Class

Ye Jian material

Peng Chunhua

Public announcement period from June 2 to June 9。If you have any objections,Please feedback to the Information Building 1 within the publicity period 119

Contact: Teacher Xu  Contact number: 073188877769

The School of Computer School of the Central South University of the Communist Party of China

Communist Youth League seabet casino review Zhongnan University School of Computer School

2022June 2nd

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