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Each grade, class, dormitory:

To further strengthen students' safety prevention and self -protection awareness,In -depth popularization of epidemic prevention and control、Safety knowledge,seabet mobile Improve legal literacy,Cultivate students' good、Civilization、Health,Positive、Life upward、Behavioral habits,Create safety together、Civilization、health, green,Harmonious campus environment,Combined with the actual situation,Recent college student work office will be in the whole collegeStudentExploration of epidemic prevention and control, student safety, healthEducation series activities and dormitory safety, civilized and health special inspection and management,The relevant work notification is now as follows:

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  Strengthening methodRegulationsEducation,Strengthening behavioral specifications,Develop civilized habits,Eliminate hidden safety hazards

  2. Activity purpose

    Maintaining normal education and teaching order and order of life,Guarantee students' physical and mental health,Safety、Civilization、Positive mental appearance and attitude welcome the upcoming final exam。According to the characteristics of the study and life of winter studentsRequirements for the prevention and control situation of the epidemic,to improve the concept of legal system、Popularized safety knowledge、Strengthening prevention consciousness、Rectify the hygiene environment of the dormitory、Check the hidden dangers of safety, implement the prevention and control deployment and requirements of the epidemicThe focus seabet casino review of work,Persist in combining education and management,effectively guide students' thoughts and behaviors,Speaking of rules,Defense Discipline,Further strengthening management、Serious school discipline。

3, activity content

  1.Carry out theme publicity, strengthen prevention consciousness

 Each grade dormitory with campus safety, dormitory safety, epidemic prevention and control and health, telecommunications network security, etc.The theme through the theme class meeting、Network、Weibo、WeChat and other means to develop a variety of forms, positivePropaganda Education Activity,To preach through knowledge、Case analysis, etc. to help students further master the dormitory、Environment、Personal property、Traffic、Winter diet, cold prevention and warmth, epidemic prevention and controland other relatedHealth, epidemic prevention,Safety common sense, strengthen personal safety awareness and safety responsibility.

2.Strengthen legal education, popularize security knowledge

 Learn to implement the spirit of the rule of law,Warning education through typical cases、Legal education and other forms,Organize students to study and discuss student codes and related regulations,Make students learn the way、Knowing method、Understanding Fa、Usage,Improve the concept of students' legal system; educate students fullyEpidemic prevention and control,Fire safety, electricity safety, traffic safetyPersonal property safety, anti -electrical fraud, etc., conduct safety knowledge lectures,Simulation exercise, case analysisand other activities to improve students' ability to emergency self -rescue.

  3.Rectify the environment of the dormitory, check the hidden dangers of safety

 Strict dormitory safety management,For private transfer、Transfer、Rental dormitory or bed position,Use illegal electrical appliances,Private connection pull、Personally with Tibetan prohibited items for investigation,Discover problems and report it in time; carry out the dormitory civilization、Sanitary、Safety inspection,Maintain clean and tidy, health and comfortdormitory environment,Create a good learning atmosphere,Eliminate the hidden dangers of the dormitory;StudentLaboratory safety specification educationand Checkenable students to seriously abide by the system and operating procedures.

Four, event arrangement

  1.Education, self -examination stage:

 12month5Day12month10On the day, students organize classes and dormitories in all grades to carry out student safetyandCivilization、Education of epidemic prevention and control and student dormitory safety、Civilization、Sanitary、Self -examination of the epidemic prevention and control,Time to rectify the problems found in time;

  2.College review and inspection stage:

 12month11Day12month16Day,The joint inspection team of the college is in the seabet sports betting class、Student implementation、Dormitory situation conducts a comprehensive inspection and review,Combined with self -examination situationThe implementation is summarizedNotify the existing problems.

  3.Summary rectification stage:

 12month16Day12month23Day,Each grade implements the main responsibility based on the results of the review,Summary experience according to the activity,Improve the system and mechanism,Establish a long -term mechanism for self -check,Education of heavy safety and health、Epidemic prevention and control workGuidance andSpeaking of rules, talk about order,DisciplineSpeaking of civilization、Speaking of hygiene、I will consciously、The responsibility check is implemented。

 5. Event requirements

 1.Strengthen leader,Pay attention to。The Student Work Office establishes a specialized working group to be responsible for this work。GradeClassWe must attach great importance to students' winter safetyHealthEducation、Education management of epidemic prevention and control,Effectively strengthen the organization,To implement organizational implementation、Personal implementation、Responsibility implementation。

2.Strengthen linkage,Coordinated advance。Each student organization should take the initiative to link under the unified deployment of the college、Pick up their respective responsibilities and take seabet mobile on related work,Do a good job of publicity、Self -check, mutual check and check,Assistance to participate in the review work,Forming linkage,Coordinated promotion; student party members、Cadres must lead by example,Prophets ahead,Talking about rules and discipline in ideology and behavior,Heavy safety、Speaking of civilization、Pioneer and model of hygiene。

 2.Strict management、Specification Program。Take this epidemic prevention and control and safety education as the opportunity,Strict students' daily safety and health education management,Effectively do a good job of students to sell leave management、Accommodation outside the school、Enterprise Internship、Special circumstances control、Daily Ping An、Health Pickup、Epidemic prevention and control work。

 3.unblocking information and prevention first. Each gradeClass、Student organizations must further improve security information collection and submit the network,Keep the information unobstructed,Timely investigation and discovery problems in safety and stability,Report in time to deal with timely treatment。

4.Clear responsibility,Implementation in place。Counselor of all grades、Class instructor (instructor) must clarify your responsibility。Division of the class leaders of each class、Deputy Square Captain, Life Security Member,The head of the bedroom will take the initiative to perform their duties。seabet app download Counselor、Class instructor (mentor) must enter the bedroom through frequently、Enter the classroom、Enter the laboratory、Near students,Understand students、Strengthening publicity and education、Do a good job of student safety、Civilization、Sanitary, epidemic prevention and controlInspection and inspection work; do a good job of dealing with special special conditions;,Help students learn to live and live upward、Physical and Mind Kang An。

5.Summary in time,CICS results。Each grade class、Student organizations must promptly carry out and implement the work、Summary of the question,Yu12month23Recently, the summary report (including graphic) was reviewed by the instructor and handed over to the Academic and Industry Office    


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