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Dynamics of Party Construction

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Source: Click: Time: March 20, 2019 18:34

seabet sports betting "Remember the martyrs, remember the arrogant Yang"

—— Remembering the Ten Branch of the School of Computer School

Reporter: Gu Lit Photography: Tan Xiaolin

To promote the patriotism of the revolutionary martyrs,Help college students' party members to strengthen their ideals and beliefs,Enhance "Four Confidence",March 17,The Tenth Party Branch of the graduate student of the School of Computer College organized all party members to Kaihui Town, Changsha County,开展seabet sports betting "Remember the martyrs, remember the arrogant Yang"主题党日活动。

Under the careful organization of the branch,Everyone visited the Yang Kaihui Memorial Museum、Yang Kaihui seabet app download Former Residence、Yang Kaihui Tomb, etc.,Revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary martyrs,Feel the feelings of patriotism and respect the party。The first stop of the event,Everyone came to the Yang Kaihui Memorial Hall to visit,Understand the great deeds of the revolutionary martyrs,Yang Kaihui is a good daughter of loyalty.、Good students who are loyal to the people、Good wife who is loyal love、A good mother of the loyalty church、A good party member of the loyal revolution,She fights unyielding for the country and the people、The spirit of bleeding sacrifice,It is worth remembering and learning forever。

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seabet app download With deep admiration and emotions of the revolutionary ancestors,Party members came to Yang Kaihui's former residence,Look at the simple items used by Comrade Yang Kaihui during his lifetime,Look at the yellow manuscript of the pages she wrote,Composite the strong virginity of a generation of heroes who contribute to the revolutionary hero。Last,Everyone came to the cemetery of Martyr Yang Kaihui。On the wall next to the tomb is engraved with "Butterfly Love Flower" written by Chairman Mao,In the words, Chairman Mao's deep thoughts and regrets of his lover,Depending on the lungs。

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seabet sports betting This red journey made the party members participating in the event deeply shocked,Make everyone more firm ideals and beliefs、Enhance the sense of mission of the heavy responsibility of the times。Everyone said,In the future, Comrade Yang Kaihui will be used as a model and example,Carry forward the party's fine tradition and style,Always maintain the political nature of the Communists,Remember the purpose,Faithful performance,Let the immortal spirit of the revolutionary ancestors pass from generation to generation,Let the struggle of the Chinese children endless!

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