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Dynamics of Party Construction

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Source: Click: Time: April 21, 2023 15:00

In the afternoon of April 19, 2023,Computer Academy held in the new campus information buildingLearning and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological theme education mobilization meetingChen Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the CollegeSpeaking of a motorist,School theme education No.2Leader of the Guidance Group and Director of the Party Committee Inspection OfficeLiu QiweiGuidanceSpeaking

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Chen ZhigangIn the mobilization speech, the majority of party members and cadres wantImprove political standing, and deeply understand the significance of theme educationStrictly benchmarking tables, firmly grasp the target requirements of theme educationPersist seabet app download in learning and thinking for use,Zhixin Xinghe 1,To promote the high -quality development of the college to condense strong forcesCollege I wantKeep the key measures to comprehensively implement the theme educationLearn theory、Investigation Research、Promoting development、View rectification and other penetration integration、Integrated advanceAt the same timeStrengthen organizational leadership,Grasp the responsibility to implement、Strengthen supervision and guidance、Strengthening publicity guidance,Make sure the theme education achieves real results

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Liu QiweiThe spirit and seabet mobile deployment of the party committee of the Central and School on learning and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics,Six responsibilities and tasks of the school guidance group,Four comments on the various tasks of the theme education of the computer college,One isImprove political standing,Effectively enhance the ideological consciousness of the theme education、Political Consciousness and Action ConsciousnessHighly political consciousness、Full political enthusiasm、Serious political attitude,Actively devoted to various tasksTwo isAccurately grasp the target requirements,seabet mobile and comprehensively strengthen the party's leadership,Practicing the fundamental task of Lideshu people is closely combinedHigh standard highQualityDevelopmentGoodTheme educationThree isAdhere to the system concept,Taking specific goals as a traction,Taking the problem as the starting point,Some targeted,Precision Force,Integration to implement the task arrangements of the theme educationFour isPrecise grasp of the key points,Plan the plan、Organize theme education as a big event related to the overall situation,Each step、Do a good job of all aspects,Make sure the theme education obtainsrealEffect

Author: Sun Aiwen

Photography: Duan Yifan

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