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Dynamics of Party Construction

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Recently,The Party Committee of the School of Computer to the Red Education Base of Quanzhou County, Guangxi"Learning Thoughts and Founding Loyal Souls and Eponation Thought Ming Avenue Practice New Gong" theme education practice research activity。Chen Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Shi Jianquan and the secretary of all party branches participated in this practice research。

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Xiangjiang Battle is the most tragic on the Central Red Army's Long March、The largest scale、seabet sports betting Battle is the most intense、The most serious battle for losses。At the beginning of the departure,Red Army You86,000 people,However, after crossing the Xiangjiang River to get rid of the enemy's siege,Only 30,000 people are left,Among them, the 34th Division of the Red 5th Army after the Central Red Army forced the Xiangjiang Palace,Fighting to the end of only 3 people survive,All the remaining soldiers are killed and sacrificed。The water in the Xiangjiang River is dyed in this battle,Therefore, the local people often speaking later: "I have not drank the Xiangjiang water for three years,Don’t eat Xiangjiang fish for ten years! "

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"One grass, one wood, one loyal soul,One mountain, one stone, one rich monument。"" In the Red Army Long March Xiangjiang Battle Memorial Museum,The comrades saw detailed precious historical materials、Cultural seabet online sports betting Relics Exhibition、Photos of Revolutionary Martyrs、Painting works of related events、Literary and artistic works, etc.,The exhibition reproduces the course of the Xiangjiang Campaign,Highlight the heroic tragic and tragic and tragedy of the Red Army soldiers who are not afraid of sacrifice,Vividly expressed the great Long March spirit。Comrades immersed in the heroic deeds of the revolutionary martyrs,Looking back on the hard work of our party's hard work,Deep understanding of the sacrifice paid by the Red Army martyrs for the Chinese Revolution,I experienced a deep revolutionary traditional education。

ThenComradesGo toRevolutionary martyrs who sacrificed for the Battle of the Xiangjiang River in the Xiangjia Plaza entered the flower basket. existBefore the stone carving of the revolutionary martyrs,Party members collectively seabet online sports betting queue up to hold a solemn flower donation ceremony,Secretary of the Party Committee of the CollegeChen ZhigangProfessor stepped forward and sorted out the red ribbon on the flower basket,All the people presentRevolutionary martyrs stone carvingBowSilent SorrowExpressing deep memory and admiration.

Subsequently, all party members vowed solemnly to the party flag,Revisiting the party's oath。In a solemn atmosphere,Red Flag,Qingsong,FlowersTypeEveryone's review of history and rightRevolutionary martyrsRemembering,Always keep in mind the responsibility and mission of the Communist Party members,Always walk with the party,Don’t forget the original heart,Always maintain the partyAbsoluteLoyalty andFor CommunismBelief.

Afternoon,Teacher Tang Jianping, a senior lecturer of the Party School of the County Party Committee, seabet app download taught party lessons for comrades,Curriculum theme is "Mind"Two Great Words" based on posts to practice Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics "。Teacher Tang encourages comrades with the spirit of the great Long March and the spirit of the Xiangjiang Battle.,Based on my job,Face the difficulty challenge,Drawing experience and wisdom from the history of the party,Don’t forget the original heart、Go forward。He deeply clarified the core essence of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era、Practical value and theoretical value,Full of passion to express loyalty and love for the party and the country。

This timeTheme trainingNot onlyMake the comrades deeperPlaceUnderstandingHistory of the Battle of Xiangjiang,It is a deep party baptism。Everyone said,In the future jobGuided by Xi Jinping'seabet online sports betting s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Inheritance and carry forward the spirit of the hard work of revolutionary martyrs,Persevere in the original mission,Courage to take responsibility,forComputerThe development of the college contributes its own strength.

Author: Zhou Qingzhang Zhang Yunxian

First instance: Wu La's hope

Second Trial:Shi Jianzhi

Third trial:Shi Jinjing

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