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Dynamics of Party Construction

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In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics seabet online sports betting and the spirit of the 20th spirit of the party,Education guidance to prepare party members to strengthen ideals and beliefs,Practice the original mission,Strengthening the cultivation of party spirit,Direction of the Time,Further play the pioneering model of party members,On the morning of December 9,The Party School of the Party Committee of the School of ComputerIn the information building108 Report HallHold the fifth phase of reserve party members training courses.Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Zhao XiaoxiaAttend and give a special party lesson. AllPreparation of party membersParticipate in training.

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Secretary Zhao Xiaoxia with"Learning and Thoughts and Thoughts to Through the Party" as the theme to teach the special party lesson。Secretary Zhao emphasized,Preparatory party members must firmly grasp the core important content of the "Ten Determinations",Perform the basic strategy of "14 persistence",Complete "Thirteen aspects of Achievement","Six must persist" as the worldview and methodology,so that the essence of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thoughts in the new era of Xi Jinping,Conscious use of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological guidance work。Preparatory party members must fully understand the party's organizational seabet mobile life system,Such as the "Three Meetings and One Lesson" system、Organization Life Meeting System、Democratic evaluation party members、Talking and talk system,Actively participate in the organizational activities of the party,Accept the test from the party organization,Further to the party motivation,Understand the basic knowledge of the party,Actively complete the task assigned by the party organization。

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Comrade Huang Zhixuan answered"Ten Determine" main content

TeachingIn the processPreparatory party members participating in the training listened carefully and focused on thinking,PositiveSpeaking and interacting, the classroom atmosphere is serious and warm
  This preparatory party training course through centralized lectures、Watch the "role model7 "special program、Individual self -study、Holding the party's oath ceremony and other links,Diversified training forms and content,Guide the preparatory party members to continue to improve political awareness and theoretical cultivationFurther strengthen the ideals and beliefs

After class,Everyone said that she passedThis training courseLearningIt has strengthened my ideals and beliefs,Refined party spirit,In future learning and work,It will practice the purpose of the party,More struggle、Yongxing forward,Really seabet sports betting play the role of the pioneer of party members

First trial: Zhou Qing

Second Trial: Liu Zhenzhen

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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