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Dynamics of Party Construction

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Source: Click: Time: March 21, 2024 09:45

To further strengthen the work of party building at the grassroots level,In the afternoon of March 20,The Party Committee of the College of Computer Holds the Secretary of the Branch in the Conference Room 313 of the Computer Building,Promote the implementation of the key task of party building work in 2024。The Party Committee Secretary of the College Zhao Xiaoxia presided over the meeting and made a job deployment,Secretary of the Party Branch and some party members attended the meeting。

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Will on the way,Secretary seabet sports betting Zhao Xiaoxia conducted a overall deployment on the study and training of all teachers and students this year。She emphasizes,The centralized training of party members of the school is the basic training of party members,Each branch should attach great importance to,Organize the training work in accordance with the requirements of superiors、Implementation。Each party branch should start discussions on the theme of centralized training,Organic combination of theoretical learning and improvement of work efficiency,Effective complementary and mutual promotion with party members,Putting the training effect in implementation。

Then,Secretary Zhao Xiaoxia deployed and arranged for the school's party committee to change election。She emphasizes the need to thoroughly implement the important idea of ​​General Secretary Jinping seabet online sports betting on the party's construction,Strictly follow the party constitution and party regulations,Adhere to the principle of democratic centralism,Ensure that the election work is carried out steadily and orderly。She focuses on four requirements: first,Study carefully,Unified thought。All party members must conscientiously study the "Communist Party Constitution", "Regulations on the Election of the Grassroots Organization of the Communist Party of China", and "Regulations on the Work Regulations of the grass -roots organizations of the Communist Party of China"。Second,Strengthen leadership,Careful Organization。Election of the Party Committee of the College,Is a major event in the political life within the party of the college,Each party branch should attach great importance to,Coordinated arrangements,Careful Organization,Ensure that the election work seabet mobile is successfully completed。Third,Strict procedures,Specification operation。The election of the election must fully carry forward the democracy within the party,Respect the democratic rights of party members,​​Strictly follow the prescribed procedures、Election Measures and Policy Requirements Regulatory operation。Fourth,Strict discipline,Strengthen supervision。Disciplinary discipline of the election work for serious general election,Normal order of maintaining the election of the general election,Resolutely prevent and eliminate non -organization activities such as votes。

Next,Secretary Zhao Xiaoxia deployed and arranged for the development of party members in 2024。She emphasizes: First, we must accurately grasp the overall requirements,Ensure the correct direction of the development of party members; second, seabet online sports betting we must strictly adhere to political standards,Always maintain the advanced nature of the party member team; third, we must focus on regulating development procedures,Strive to improve the quality of party members; fourth, we must implement accountability,According to "Who introduces who is responsible,Who is inspecting who is responsible,Who approves who is responsible for ",Refined accountability methods,Maintain the seriousness of the work of party members,Practice the requirements of strictly governing the party throughout the process of developing party members。

At the end of the meeting,Secretary Zhao Xiaoxia emphasized that the task of party building work in 2024 is important and arduous,long span cycle、High quality requirements。She asked all party cadres and cadres and ordinary party members to unify seabet app download thoughts、Improve the position、Go up in difficulties,Strictly follow the requirements of the party committee deployment of the college,Do a good job of doing a good job,Unremitting efforts for the high -quality development of the college,Gift to the 75th birthday of the Republic!

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