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    10month29Day,Autumn high gas cool,The college's retirement party branch held a meaningful party day event ,YiDon’t forget the original heart,Keep the mission in mindThe theme,Organize old comrades to admire Chairman Mao's former residence,Remembering the great view of great people and the great revolutionary feelings,For the motherland70The glorious achievements of the anniversary applause!

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   Come to Shaoshan again,Teachers unconsciously recall their past,The past scenes are shown in front of the eyes like an old movie,Everyone seabet casino review has a lot of emotional changes in Shaoshan。At the beginning, the former residence of the chairman came,After visiting everyone, I felt the simplicity of a generation of great people's lives,Simple of clothing, food, housing and transportation。The old comrades contributed a flower basket from the bronze statue of the chairman in front of the bronze statue square,Looking at the great man's majesty,Feeling the style of a generation of great men and the huge power that is not before,Everyone takes pictures and takes pictures。Afterwards, recite the seven rhythms "to seabet mobile Shaoshan",Feeling the chairman's long -term vision between the lines,Remind yourself in the future working life at all the standards of the Communist Party members strictly request yourself。

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Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall is a revolutionary memorial that reflects Chairman Mao's life and glorious performance,Related information of the Red Revolution Education Base,further enhance your ideological understanding,enhanced and inherited the concept of party spirit,In -depth implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist seabet mobile Party of China,Don’t forget the original heart,Keep the mission in mind。

A morning activity,Although the journey is a bit long,But the old comrades did not shout tired,All Cheng Cheng is high。

Reinforcement of Gong Huai Gong Gong Ji,Pursuing the leaders' revolutionary traces of the leader。Everyone through this trip to Shaoshan,Learn red culture,Learning Revolution History,Further stimulated the enthusiasm of the old comrades of retired party members,Everyone said that this trip to Shaoshan is very successful and meaningful,I will further play the role of model leading seabet mobile in future work and study,Give play to the role of the pioneer of party members,Give full heat!



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