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4month20Day,spring light,New New。All party members of the Party Committee of the School of Computer College Organize the retired party branch of the retired party branch to Liu Shaoqi's former residence to carry outLearn the history of the party, enlightenment, strong missionParty history learning education site learning,The 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party seabet app download of China and applauding the centennial of the Communist Party of China。

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First,Retired party members came to the bronze statue square of Comrade Liu Shaoqi。Retired party members are comrades to look at the glorious image of Comrade Liu Shaoqi in the bronze statue,Feeling the revolutionary spirit of as the main leader of the party and the country。

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All retired party members completed the party's oath in front of the bronze statue square,Old comrades use a powerful vow to express their determination to serve the people as seabet online sports betting members of the Communist Party。

Last,All party members came to Comrade Liu Shaoqi Memorial Museum。Comrade Liu Shaoqi shows Comrade Liu Shaoqi's life deeds,Comrade Liu Shaoqi struggled for the party and the people for a lifetime,Has made great contributions to the party and the people,Established a great achievement,Since the heart of the people of all ethnic groups of the whole party, the nation of all ethnic groups of the country。The old comrades relive the party history in the memorial hall,Effective history,seabet app download In the discussion, I remind myself to strictly request myself in the future of work and life at all the standards of the Communist Party members。

Gong Huai Huai Gong Gong Ji Gong Ji Time,Pursuing the leaders' revolutionary traces of the leader again and again,The trip to the party history learning and education,All old comrades can revisit the struggle and glorious performance of the revolutionary ancestors,Once again receiving revolutionary traditional education and party spirit education。Comrades have said,In the future work seabet online sports betting and study, we must further play the role of the pioneer of party members,Give full use of the residual heat。

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