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Source: Click: Time: May 09, 2024 09:16

Unified deployment of inspection work in the school party committee,On the afternoon of May 8, 2024,School Party Committee'seabet sports bettings seabet casino reviewThird Inspection Team Inspecting the Computer School of the Party Committee Work Mobilization Meeting will be held in the information building 108 lecture hall。Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee Jiang Jianxiang attended the meeting and speak,Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Computer Academy, Zhao Xiaoxia presided over the meeting and made a statement。Deputy Secretary of the School Discipline Inspection Commission、Director of the Office of the School Discipline Inspection (also)、Director of the Office of the Supervision Commissioner (and) Luo Yongzhong,The leader of the third tour team He Guiqiang,Deputy Leader Liu Cheng、Liu Yahong and other members,Members of the Leading Team of Computer Academy (Big Data Research Institute)、All faculty and staff、Retirement and student representatives attended the meeting。


School Party Committee'seabet sports bettings seabet casino reviewThird Inspection Team Inspecting the Party Committee Work Mobilization Meeting of the Computer School

He Guiqiang notified the inspection work arrangement,The focus of inspection supervision、Working method、Working procedure、Specific requirements for work discipline and other aspects。The inspection team pointed out,Inspection is political inspection,Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping、The Party Central Committee seabet app downloadattaches seabet casino reviewgreat importance to inspection work,Constantly promoting inspection practice innovation、Theoretical innovation、System Innovation。The party committee and inspection team of the School of Computer's School must be in the same direction、Answer the same question,Complete the inspection task assigned by the school's party committee,Promote the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee on higher education and the work requirements of the school's party committee with strong political supervision with strong political supervision。Inspection in the school key inspection and implementation of the party's route policies and the major decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Party Group of the Ministry of Education、The work requirements of the school's party committee; check the implementation of the responsibilities and supervision responsibilities of the party's main body and supervise;、Audit and other supervision discovery problems and theme education review issues rectification status。Another,This round of inspections will conduct anatomy supervision of the work requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Party Committee of the School on the implementation of the Ministry of Education and the school's party committee。


The leader of the inspection team He Guiqiang made seabet mobilea mobilization seabet sports bettingspeech for inspection work

Jiang Jianxiang pointed out,To further grasp the political positioning of inspection,Always take the problem as the main task,Take the problem solving the problem as a foothold,Leading political inspections with the 20th spirit of the party。Jiang Jianxiang emphasized,First to improve political standing,Deepen the ideological understanding。Through this inspection,Further enhanced the "Four Consciousness",firm "Four Confidence",Take "two maintenance" as the fundamental political task,Political position、Political direction、Political Principles、Maintain highly consistent with the Party Central Committee on the political road,Earnestly implement the requirements of the party's central decision -making and deployment and school party committee work requirements,Pass the party's leadership into all aspects of the work of the college。Second, we must strengthen political responsibility,Make full cooperation with inspections。The Party Committee and the majority of party members and cadres of the college must cooperate with this inspection work,As an important political task at present,Do a good job of inspection and cooperation with a strong sense of political responsibility and mission,Actively and seabet casino reviewseabet casino reviewconsciously accept inspection supervision,Make every effort to ensure the smooth development of the inspection work。Three to carry political responsibility,Effectively grasp the rectification。We must attach seabet casino reviewgreat importance to inspection and rectification work,Consciously carrying the main responsibility of the main body,Create a list of questions、task list、List of Responsibility,Strictly study and study rectification measures,Perfect ideas,Establish a sound inspection and rectification working mechanism,Make sure that the rectification task is effective。


Jiang Jianxiang, deputy secretary of the school party committee, speak

Zhao Xiaoxia made a statement in a statement。She said,This inspection is a political medical examination of the Party Committee of the School of Computer School,It is a centralized inspection of the performance of members of the hospital team,It is a comprehensive review of the college's various work,helps to promote the high -quality development of the college。I will demonstrate with the body,Take the lead to achieve the following four points: First, strengthen responsibility for responsibility,Quickly unified thought,Full process support cooperates with inspections; the second is to carefully organize arrangements,Active full -force cooperation,seabet mobileseabet sports bettingThe whole -scale guarantee of the inspection work is carried out smoothly; the third is to sincerely accept supervision,Carefully promote rectification,Full coverage is a solid "second half of the article"; the fourth is to seize development opportunities,Use the results of the inspection,Promote the college's high -quality connotation development。The college will take inspection as an opportunity,Persist in the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Focus on strengthening the political and organizational functions of party organizations at all levels of the college,The team members and cadres teams who have a strong forging for a strong forging,Promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party,With the spirit of reform and innovation and the time, I will not wait、Only the urgency of the day and night,Finerality of the long -term development of the discipline of the Guan School of the Guan School、Strategic、Global Questions,Promote the high -quality connotation development of various undertakings of the college,Make due contributions to the school's in -depth promotion of the "double first -class" construction。


Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Computer Academy Zhao Xiaoxia made a statement in a statement

The seabet casino reviewThird Inspection Team of the school party seabet online sports bettingseabet mobilecommittee will work for about one month at the computer college。The inspection team's interview opinion box is placed in the lobby on the first floor of the computer building。The Party Committee's inspection office set up a special visit: 0731-88836676,The answer time is 8: 00-12: 00,14:30-17:30。Postal mailbox is: inspection office of the Party Committee of Zhongnan University, No. 932 Lushan South Road, Yuelu District, Changsha City。

Before the meeting,The third patrol group met and communicated with the party and government official positions of the college,conveyed the spirit of the school's party committee inspection,Notified related work arrangements。

Author: Liu Zhenzhen

First trial: Zhou Qing 菡

Second Trial: Xu Ning

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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