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Source: Click: Time: June 24, 2024 16:08

June 24,The 11th "Challenge Cup" Hunan Provincial College Student Entrepreneurship Plan Competition is successfully concluded。After fierce competition,The teachers and students of our hospital rely on their excellent strength and creativity,Get the excellent results seabet online sports betting of "one gold or two silver" in the competition,once again shows the style and strength of our teachers and students。

Where,Our hospital "New Intelligence-Artificial Intelligence Leading New Pharmaceutical R & D" project won the gold award,showing an innovative application of artificial intelligence in the field of new drug research and development,Its unique ideas and methods have been highly recognized by the judges。"Elderly has something to rely on-" Zhongnan Xiaoya "digital health robot" seabet online sports betting and "Cancer Tube Better -New Generation of Non -Invasive Painless Cancer Assist Diagnosis Blazers" won the silver award,In -depth research on hot issues such as elderly health and cancer prognosis status prediction,It proposed a practical solution,Also received unanimous praise from the judges。

In this competition,The teachers and students of our hospital showed solid professional knowledge and innovation ability,and a good team cooperation spirit。Our hospital will seabet sports betting continue to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurial education,Provide students with more practical opportunities and platforms,Cultivate more outstanding talents with innovative spirit and practical ability。At the same time,We are also looking forward to in subsequent games,Teachers and students in our hospital can continue to work hard,Get better results。

Author: Liu Yiping

First instance: Chen Siyu

Second Trial: Shi Leihong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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