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inCCF CSP(China Computer Society Software Competence Certification) No. 134In the certification, the certification score of our college enters the national universityCSP TOP30,and won the tenth place's excellent results。This is not only a height seabet sports betting of the teaching strength of our college and the comprehensive quality of the student,It is even more inspired to move forward、Pursuing important motivation to pursue excellence。

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CCF CSP is one of the most authoritative and influential computer programming capabilities certifications in China,Since its launch in 2014,Always committed to improving the training quality of domestic computer professionals,Build a solid bridge between colleges and universities and enterprises。The result of its certification is not only becoming a research research、Important reference for academic evaluations such as graduate students,More favored by many well -known enterprises,"Gold Standard" for measuring seabet casino review the ability of computer professionals "。A total of 5093 candidates participated in this CSP certification,111 students from Central South University participated,After the students' serious preparations, they finally achieved the tenth achievement of college rankings。The School of Computer, Central South University adheres to the fundamental task,Focus on the "double first -class" construction goal,Always pay attention to the cultivation of students' innovation and practical ability,During the classroom teaching and practical process,Encourage students to actively participate in various types of innovation and entrepreneurship activities and discipline competitions,seabet mobile Strengthen the cultivation of composite technical talents in the background of "New Engineering",Efforts to improve students' employment competitiveness,Continue to transport more professional talents to the national IT industry and the information industry。

To encourage more students to actively participateCCF CSP certification test,The School of Computer, Central South University has introduced relevant incentive policies since 2019,Special funding subsidies for students with participating students。In recent years, the School of Computer School of Central South University has been the forefront of the certified candidates and high -scoring candidates in the country,Student programming practices seabet online sports betting have been greatly improved。Looking forward to the future,The School of Computer will adhere to the student -centric teaching concept,Continuously optimize the curriculum system、Improve teaching quality、Strengthening the construction of practical teaching links。At the same time,We will also further strengthen cooperation and exchange with the industry,Broaden students' vision and employment channels,True efforts to cultivate more computer professionals with international vision and innovation ability。Here,We expressed warm congratulations to all students participating in this CSP certification,I hope that students can take this as an opportunity,Repeat it,Constantly explore the vast world of computer seabet mobile science,At the same time,I also look forward to students to learn from each other,Common progress,Sparks that inspire more inspiration in exchanges and cooperation。

Author: Chi Xu, Liu Yiping

First instance: Liu Yiping Zhou Qingyu

Second Trial: Shi Leihong      

Third trial: Wang Xinhui      


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