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Source: Click: Time: July 04, 2024 15:31

On the afternoon of July 3,Computer Academy (Big Data Research Institute) held all faculty conferences at the 108 lecture hall of the new campus information building。WillIt was chaired by Li Min, a member of the Party Committee and Dean of the School of Computer.

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Dean Li Min on behalf of the college leadership seabet app download team to do a summary of the college work in the first half of 2024,Work deployment of summer and next semester。She emphasized in his speech,First, we must continue to advance in -depth inspection and rectification work,Seize development opportunities,Use the results of the inspection,Full coverage is a solid "second half of the article"; second, we must carry out organizational scientific research,Encourage teachers to actively participate in the application of seabet casino review scientific research projects,Integrated College Resources,Promoting greater results in promoting scientific research; Third, to promote the optimization upgrade of talent "introduction and retention" full -chain,College、Series (center) and teachers form a joint force,All work together to implement the implementation of various talent team construction measures.。

Subsequent,Dean Li Min made a special preaching of scientific research integrity。Vice Dean Huang Jiawei、Deputy Dean of seabet sports betting Xia Jiazhi、Deputy Secretary Wang Xinhui summarizes and layout on work in charge of work。

All faculty and staff of the college should take this faculty and staff meeting as an opportunity,Carefully do a good job in the preliminary work summary,Careful planning work plan in advance,Make full preparation for the high -quality development of the new semester for the new semester,Continue to promote the connotative high -quality development of the college。

Author: Li Bin

First trial: Liu Zhenzhen

Second Trial: Xu Ning

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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