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Notice Announcement

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According to"Central South University about doing well2024Notice of Doctor Graduate Evaluation and Admission Work "、"Central South University School of ComputerRequirements seabet casino reviewfor the Admissions Evaluation and Admission Work Plan of Doctor Student in 2024,The college has completed2024 Dr. Dedicated Plan for Division SupportGraduate admissions assessment work,The assessment results are now publicized,The publicity period is2024yearMay11Day-2024yearMay 16Day。If there is any objection,Please contact the graduate office of the college during the publicity period。Contact: seabet app downloadTeacher Lei,Contact number:0731-88879609。

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Candidates' name

Candidate Number

Foreign language results

Professional ability assessment results

Comprehensive quality and ability assessment results

Total results

Proposed professional

Application category name

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Whether to enjoy the award -winning scholarship


Application assessment system

Liu Huixuan






Computer Science and Technology

Orientation employment

Full -time


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