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Notice Announcement

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Ju is a fire,San is full of star! The wild geese of Nanfei is a farewell to the cold north,Autumn's fallen leaves are farewell to hot summer,The rainy season is farewell to drought,Rainbow is a farewell to wind and rain。Farewell is not forgotten,Turn around,Not over,but start。Season of Flower Flowers,seabet app download A sense of ceremony for graduation,Record the story between you and Zhongnan,Put it for a pocket,Accompany you to chase your own distant place。

Essay requirements:

Essay theme: I and Zhongnan......
Essay form: the subject matter, the genre is not limited, the articles space2500Inside. (The number of poems is not limited), the type of essay isWordDocuments, articles attached to1Zhang's life photos (Put in an article,No attachment。)

Participating objects:2024Graduates from the School of Computer

Deadline: Tenture2024year6month7Day afternoon17Point Dead (after the college graduation ceremony is determined,If you need to adjust and then notify。)

Submission method: Essay is sent to the, please say "There is a reward for essay ,Send an attachment with an attachment,Annex name Press the following format: Article Title-Name-Professional-Class-Contact information

Awards settings:

First prize:2Name bonus1000yuan+​​Award certificate+Award -winning collection

Second prize:5Name bonus800yuan+​​Award certificate+Award -winning collection

Third prize:10Name bonus500yuan+​​Award certificate+Award -winning collection

seabet app download All the award -winning essays will be gathered into a book,Published at the Alumni Network of Computer School。

Awards Awards:

The award list will be in2024Annual Computer Academy's graduation ceremony and awards.

Event hosting: Central South University School of Computer

Activity Organization: Computer Academy Alumni Office, Student Work Office

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Contact information: 0731-88836659 Address: Computer Building, Zhongnan University, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

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