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Notice Announcement

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Each second -level unit:

Central South University's 5th University Biological Internet of Things Application Innovation Design Contest and the Hunan IoT Contest Contest.,After careful judgment by experts,2 first prizes、4 prizes,Among them, 4 teams will recommend participating in the Hunan Internet seabet casino review of Things Contest。Award and recommendation publicity list as shown in Annex 1。

Three days of publicity period (July 5-7),If there are any objections, please reflect, office location: Second office building312; Contact number: 88877983; Contact: Xiao Shuangjiang。

Annex 1: 2024 The 8th University Biological IoT Applied Innovation Design Contest and the Hunan IoT Competition seabet online sports betting College Student List .xlsx

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Office

July 5, 2024

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