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Notice Announcement

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To promote the orderly work of students、High -quality development,Further optimize the student cadre team,Between better use of student organization service colleges、The positive seabet casino review role of service teachers and students,Effective self -management of student cadres、Self -service、Self -education、Self -Supervision。After voluntary application、Organization recommendation、Public campaign and other procedures,Under the leadership of the Party Committee of the Computer Academy,College Youth League Student Union、The graduate school will conduct a new election for the new major student seabet mobile cadres,The results will be announced as follows:

Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee: Yang Xinran, Fang Jiayu, Liang Yan, Wang Yishuo

Student Union Presidium: Jia Huixiang, Wang Zixuan, Bu Dehua

Graduate Association Presidium: Ye Wei, Wang Tianhe, Zhang Yue

Information Propaganda Center: Yang Shihao, Liu Yipeng

College Student Science and Technology Association: Zhang Yaopeng, Zhao Zhonghua

Academic Development and Service Center: Wu Xuelin, Liu Sina

Friends Psychological Mutual Assistance Meeting: Wang Jianzhong, Liang Yejing

Public announcement period7month8Day to7month10Day,If there is any objection,Please feedback to the information building in writing during the publicity period119

Contact: Teacher Chen Contact number:0731-88877769

The Communist Youth League Zhongnan University seabet casino review School of Computer School


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Contact information: 0731-88836659 Address: Computer Building, Zhongnan University, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

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