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Notice Announcement

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Source: XGB Click: Time: July 11, 2024 10:44

Grade(counselor), class (class instructor), graduate mentor:

According to the school "AboutNotice of the Summer Holiday in 2024 "Requirements,All students (excluding level 2024 freshmen) will seabet online sports betting start summer vacation on July 13,From August 31st to September 1st for the next semester,official class on September 2。To do a good job in school summer vacation students,Combined with the relevant requirements of the school,Make sure the campus is safe and stable,The relevant matters are notified as follows:

1. Do a good job of student safety education and care for care

1. Strengthen students' safety education. eachCounselor, class instructor, graduate mentor, grade classWe must firmly establish a sense of safety, and resolutely achieve"Stretch the risk prevention and control in front of the hidden danger、Stand the hidden danger investigation and control in front of the accident ",Hold a special meeting of student safety education in school,Through various channels and methodsPerform comprehensive safety education for students.Education and remind studentsBeware of mistakes entering MLM traps and other illegal organizations,Consciously resist the erosion of various bad thoughtsSummer is heavy rain、flood、Drought and other disaster accidents are prone to multiple periods,Remind students to be vigilant and prevent strong rainfall、Strong disaster risk brought by strong flow of weather。Strengthen students' anti -theft、fire prevention、Anti -drowning、Flood prevention flood prevention、anti seabet sports betting -telecommunications fraud、Anti -bad online loan、Safety education such as preventing traffic accidents and accidental damage and electricity consumption,Guide students to enhance safety awareness,It is strictly forbidden to swim privately,Resolutely prevent accidental damage,Special reminders to pay attention to safety on the way to and from home,Ensure the safety of students' personal property。Focus on the safety management of students staying in school during school,Safety education for students who leave school,Re -deploy for key safety work、Check again、Implementing it again。Safety education work should be in "Grade ClassStudent Safety and Stability Workbencies "make records.

2. Strengthen home -school connection and care. eachCounselor, class instructor, graduate instructorEffective information channels,Inform the students of the student school for vacation time,Remind parents to assume the supervision responsibility for students in a timely manner。Caring for students for the key key,Pay special attention to close home and school contact,Do a good job of helping for help。To take the initiative to understand students' thought dynamics,Careful students in life,Actively coordinate solving actual problems,Make sure that all students have a peaceful and happy holiday。

2. Do a good job in the safety management of students staying at school

1. Strictly do a good seabet app download job of taking approval from school. eachGraduate tutor, counselor and class instructor and other related teachersTo accurately grasp the goal of the holiday student,Effectively guide students to go home for vacation,Indeed because of teaching、Scientific research and other reasons for students who need to stay at school during the holidays,Should submit to the collegeStay in the summer vacationApplicationTable (see attachment), approved by the college (because of the instructoror competition training, etc.Scientific research needs to stay at schoolor the teacher is responsible for the teacher on the application formSign signed) and signed the "2024 summer vacation Student safety and stability important precautions "(see attachment) can stay at school。

2.Graduate mentor as the first responsible person for graduate training,Be carefulDo a good jobStudents' during the summer vacationSafe,LearningLifemanagement, care and attention work。Graduate students who apply for scientific research and study in school,The instructor should carefully review,Care carefully,and carefully manage the graduate students who meet the conditions of the school,Do a good job of contacting the home school,Do a good job of work。

3. PleaseCounselor, Graduate mentorAccurate statistics, good information for students staying at school,seabet mobile Need to include all stages of holidays、All types of students staying at school,Cute the reason for students staying in school、Information for staying in school,Refined students to stay in school,Do a good job of relevant statistical work,and fill in "Summary Form for Student Information Student Information in the Summer Holiday in 2024 (see attachment)。After holiday,Students staying at school should be as required,Timely do the daily daily safety and the situation in school。

4. Refined student classification management. eachgrade class, counselor, class instructor, graduate instructorTo classify and manage students staying at school,Carry out targeted education and management of students in different types of schools,Strengthen concern; compact the main responsibility,Each student who stays at school must one -on -one teachers (Graduatementor or counseloror class instructor),Do a good job in the management account of students staying at school,Strengthening the sense of responsibility。Each stage of holidays、All types of students who stay at school must leave the school with counselorsand mentorReport,Make sure that marks are left;,Bearded college approval before returning to school,Simultaneous incorporation into the management of students staying in the school。

3. Do a good job of holiday duty and information reporting

1. Holiday schedule.Holiday,The Student Work Office has a special teacher responsible for staying in the school for students,Arrange the counselor teacher on duty,Student cadres assist teachers to do a good job in the management of students staying at school。ToDo a good job of student information"One Daily News" work。Make accurately grasp the actual situation of students staying at school every day,Benefits everyone、Daily report Ping An,Dynamic management of students staying at school。If an emergencies are encountered,It must be reported to the college leader and student work department for the first time。

2. Unblocked emergency response mechanism。mentor、Counselor should be timely、Accurate understanding of students' daily conditions and dynamic goal,Immediately go to the college with abnormal situations,Emergency disposal and follow -up follow -up,Make sure that the emergencies get a response as soon as possible、disposal; eachmentor and counselorRelated work should be recorded in time on the "Student Safety Stability Works Book" for record。

4. Other relevant requirements

EachGradeIt should be in accordance with the relevant notification requirements,Do a good job of preparation for school。Grasp the students from school to return to school、Reporting and so on.,Do a good job of students' safety education for school,Statistically statistics from students return to school,Keep close contact with students seabet app download who do not return to school for the time being,Follow the subsequent return to school。

The work arrangements of the above holidays hope that all grades and classesCounselor, class instructor, graduate instructor​​Pay attention to,Careful organization implementation,Make sure the teachers and students of the whole hospital spend a peaceful summer vacation。

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