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Source: Click: Time: May 06, 2024 15:19

Reporterlimsoon wongProfessor,Singapore National University

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Report topic:

Single-Cell RNA-Seq DataSet Integration with Loss of Unique Rare Cell Populations


Date and time2024Year5month8Day(Wednesday), afternoon15: 00 - 16:00

Report location:Computer Building 313 

Report Abstract:Typically, Batch Effect-Correction Methods for Scrna-Seq Data Search Aggressively for Overlapping Population Hes as anchors relative the cell population of batches. This has a lamentable consequence that cell population of to a single batch tend to Be wrongly matched and Mis-Coring Into Different Cell Types. This Makes It Harder in USING SCRNA-SEQ for Applications SUCH As Detection of Pre-Malignant Cells. I n this short talk, I describe mapbatch, Which AdOPTS A Different Approach., Each Independently Trained on A Different Single Batch to Prevent Batch Effects from Being Learned and Incorporated Into the Projects, Collectively Enable Biology Signals from Rare Cell Populas Exclusive to a Batch to Easily Eliminating Batch Effects..

Introduction to the reporterProfessor Wong Limsoon(seabet sports bettingProfessor Huang Renxiang) 1988 A bachelor's degree in engineering at the Empire University of London, England,1994 I received a doctorate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania, USA。Professor Huang is currently the National University of Singapore (National University of SingaporeNUS) Professor of Lecturer of the Buddha Temple of the Guanyin Church at the School of Computer Academy, also NUS Yang Yingling Medical College(Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at Nus)Professor of pathology.

   Mainly engaged in the research of knowledge discovery algorithms and its application in biological and medicine。In the early stages of career,Professor Huang conducted an important research work in the database query language theory and limited model theory,and conducted excellent development and innovation in the big data integration system。Professor Huang published an appointment 300 Research Thesis,Including one of the most cited papers in related fields。

2013 Year,Professor Huang was awarded for its outstanding seabet sports bettingcontributions seabet app downloadin database theory and biological informatics ACM FELLOW,Become a benchmark and leader in the field of computers and information technology in the world。2014 In the year, he was also awardedICDT 2014 Annual Time Test Award to recognize its work in natural embedding inquiries。The same year,Graduated by the Singapore Government awarded the Public Administration Medal,To recognize its excellent efficiency、ability and diligence。

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Reporter: Professor Li Jinyan, Shenzhen University of Technology

Report topic:Water squeeze waterDouble hydrophobic theory and reverse extension

Date and time2024Year5month8Day(Wednesday), afternoon16: 00 - 17:00

Report location:Computer Building 313

Report Abstract:I will tell a hot issue in structural biology here:How to identify the binding energy in the protein complex high -level amino acid subset。We have two solutions。One is to proposeWater squeeze waterDouble hydrophobic theory and use the maximum dimension diagram data mining algorithm to find high -level amino acid sets and amino acids surrounding themO-ring。Because this rough solution cannot give, which variants of amino acids can be given to make the protein complex seabet casino reviewthe seabet sports bettingaffinity greatly enhanced,We proposed an artificial intelligence deep learning method for confrontation and generating formulas to predict those amino acids that need to be mutated.。These theories and algorithms of protein drugs andmRNAOptimization of vaccine design will bring a lot of benefits。These achievements have been in "bioinformatics"(200720092010) and "Nature Machine Intelligence"(2024)Published.

Introduction to the reporter

Li Jinyan,Doctoral supervisor、The Outstanding Professor of the School of Computer Science and Control Engineering, Shenzhen University of Technology、Researcher at the Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences、2022The national high -level overseas key talents, selected into the world2%Top scientists list。Zeng Full -time at the University of Science and Technology of Sydney、Nanyang University of Technology、Information and Communication Research Institute and other well -known universities and scientific research units in Australia and Singapore are engaged in teaching and scientific research.30Year。Long -term dedicated seabet app downloadto data mining and cutting -edge research and innovation of data mining and biological information。I proposedDisplay modeTheoretical and mining algorithms, water squeeze waterDouble hydrophobicBio -hypothesis、One to one -to -one mapping relationship between the maximum binary diagram and closed mode。Published in top journals and international conferences in the field of machine learning and biological information200Many high -quality academic papers,Among them, the original papers are referenced to1500Yu Times。Hosting the National Scientific Research Fund of Australia and Singapore。Zeng wonAsian Technology Revolution Gold AwardData Science Innovation Awardetc. Recently for the major data of biological sequencesChain styleCompression、Forecast of protein affinity based on confrontation learning and high -throughput sequencing errorsString ladderMistake correction proposes a high -performance algorithm。High -efficiency and precise assembly of the sequence of the virus seabet online sports bettingpancerian seabet sports bettinggenetic group、Multi -ingredient messengoruuucleic acid vaccine and multi -componentic vaccine design and optimization are particularly focused。A bachelor's degree in applied mathematics from the University of Defense Technology、Master's degree in computer engineering at Hebei University of Technology、Doctoral degree in computer science and software engineering at the University of Melbourne。

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