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Report location: Computer building of the school headquarters313 Lecture Hall

Report topic:Development of the Dynamic System of Viewing Space Apocalypse for Truth -oriented Interaction

Report Abstract:

Dynamic real -time content facing the current fusion of the real -time integration seabet online sports betting generates difficulty,Lead the actor's acting action, stage audio and video and light synchronization difficulty、Especially the background dynamic immersive video content and the seamless connection of actor performance difficulties,Poor quality of virtual three -dimensional projection、The feeling of immersion is not strong,It is very easy to occur in major performance accidents such as wearing a gang; and the current combination of reality and reality seriously depends on the pre -creation timing design and arrangement,Intelligent control methods lacking real -time presentation of the performance process,Restricted the degree of freedom of the actor's performance。Innovative with"Actors -Centered" seabet sports betting virtual fusion interactive mode,Breakthrough dynamic perception and action recognition technology in extreme complex environments performed on the stage,Research and developed pure visual large -scale scene three -dimensional dynamic perception system,Comprehensive technical solution to form a complete set of support viewing space and real interactive performance。


seabet app downloadPersonal profile:Wang Xun,Second -level professor and doctoral supervisor,Director of the Provincial Key Laboratory of Big Data and Future E -commerce Technology、Visual Media Big Data Technology Zhejiang Provincial ProjectCenterDirector;Director and Deputy Director of the Society of Graphics and Smart Graphics Specialist Committee, once served as a number of international seabet mobile journal editors and chairman of the international conference.SelectedNational Ten Million Talent Project、The title of young and middle -aged experts who have been prominently contributed by the national level,Special allowances of the State Council Government,Elected to Zhejiang Province10,000 people planTeaching teacher, the first batch of Zhejiang ProvinceSchoolThe person in charge of the team of Huangda Nian -style teacher,The first model of Zhejiang Province Teaching Book Education。

In recent years, it is mainly on mobile graphics calculation,VR/AR、Computer vision、Intelligent information processing and visual analysis, develop academic research and application system research and development,As the chief scientist, seabet app download he has undertaken the national science and technology support plan project、National Key R & D Plan Project; Presides the National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaUnionKey/On the face, the focus of the Provincial Natural Science Foundation/On the faceet al.Provincial and ministerial major key projects near and above20iteminIEEE TPAMI, TKDE, TMMandACM MMCVPRAAAIIJCaiPublished high -level academic papers at domestic and foreign journals and international conferences150余,Authorized invention patent60remaining, of which the American invention patent5item, industrialization transformation patent5Items, publishing monographs3Ministry, focus on planning textbooks3Ben; accumulation based on seabet casino review the above research results,As the first person to completeProvincial and ministerial level first and second prizes6item; HostWon the second prize of national teaching achievements1Item, first prize of teaching achievements in Zhejiang Province2item.


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