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Report location: Computer building of the school headquarters313 Report Hall

Report topic:Distributed seabet sports betting multi -collaborative group seabet sports betting wisdom evolution optimization algorithm

Report Abstract:

The National "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" lists group intelligence as one of the artificial intelligence theories and technical directions for the development of the group。Where,Group intelligence and evolutionary calculation methods that learn from natural group wisdom behavior are widely used in industrial optimization。With the Internet of Things、The rapid development of technologies such as Border Cloud Computing,Qunzhi Entrosential Computing Inner Passing Distributed Features and distributed computing platforms are in line with each other,seabet mobile Also developing a new ideas for the development seabet casino review of a new generation of group intelligence evolutionary calculations under the distributed computing platform。For this,This report will introduce a new generation of new generation of wisdom and optimization methods under the distributed platform,To solve the oversized scale、Complex decisions and optimization problems of distributed big data drive provides new ways。First,The report will introduce the overall framework of distributed diversified collaborative group intelligence into the computing。Then,Elapse the diversified coordination mechanism of distributed group wisdom from three seabet casino review different angles,Including dimension seabet casino review synergy、Data collaboration、Target collaboration。Last,Application of the relevant method will be introduced。

Personal profile:

Chen Weineng,Professor of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology,Doctoral supervisor、Deputy Dean。The main research direction is group intelligence、Evolution Calculation and Application,Published international journals and international conference papers100余, of whichIEEE TRANSACTIONSLong text70Yu chapter; take the lead in hosting national scientific and technological innovation2030 - "A new generation of artificial intelligenceseabet mobile Major project,National Natural Science seabet casino review Foundation Enterprise Innovation United Fund Key Support Project、International Cooperation Exchange Project of National Key R & D Plan、National Natural Science Foundation-The Royal Institute of Newton Fund Project,Ren Big Data and Computing Smart Guangdong -Hong Kong Joint Innovation Platform。2016Fundable for the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund,2015Won the Outstanding Youth Science Fund in Guangdong ProvinceFunding;2018won the Huo Yingdong Youth Teacher Award in the year. CurrentlyIEEEVice Chairman of the Guangzhou Branch,IEEE SMCChairman of Guangzhou branch、Standing Member of the China Computer seabet mobile Society Cooperation Computing Professional Committee、seabet casino review Member of the Professional Committee of Artificial Intelligence and Model recognition、Ren International JournalIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning SystemsandComplex & Intelligent SystemsDeputy editor.


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Contact information: 0731-88836659 Address: Computer Building, Zhongnan University, Yuelu District, Changsha City, Hunan Province

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