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Source: Click: Time: July 08, 2024 08:44

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Report location: Computer building313 conference room

Report topic: Deep neural network design with universal approximation nature: first -order optimization method

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Universal approaching ability is the cornerstone of the success of deep neural networks。But,Almost all existing deep neural network design methods ignore the nature of universal approaching。We propose a unified framework,Based on the first -order optimization seabet online sports betting algorithm to design deep neural network architecture with universal approximation capabilities。We get the deep neural networks are width and boundary,That is, its width will not increase with the increase of approach accuracy,Therefore, close to the current common actual scene。In addition,Add home -to -one in the network、Sample and sampling operations will not damage the ability of universal approaching。As far as we know,This is the first work in principle design with the width of the universal approximation seabet app download of the boundary with boundary networks。Our framework can inspire various neural network architectures,Including the famousResnet and Densenet.

Brief introduction of the reporter:

Lin ZhouchenIs the Deputy Dean of the Intelligent College of Peking University,Professor hired by Boyte,The research field is machine learning and computer vision。He published papers at the core journal and conference of artificial intelligenceMore than 300 articles,Published 5 books and English monographs,Google quotation is 34,000 times。He has been the chairman and senior seabet casino review chairman of the field of the top of the industry many times。He has won the first prize of Natural Sciences of Natural Sciences in 2023 CAAI and 2020 CCF Science and Technology Award。He is the director of the Chinese Image and Graphics Society (CSIG) Machine Vision Special Committee,Deputy Director of the Chinese Automation Society Model recognition and Machine Intelligence Special Committee,IAPR、IEEE、​​CSIG and AAIA's vendors,National Jieqing,Technology Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology 2030- "seabet app download New Generation Artificial Intelligence" major project is responsible forPeople.

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