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4month30Day afternoon,A happy birthday song from the Century Building Classroom,Teachers and students of the School of Computer School are using the school time to send birthday blessings to Professor Chen Zhigang of the college。

The Party Committee Secretary of the College Zhao Xiaoxia and his party came to the Century Tower of the Railway Campus,Sending flowers for Professor seabet sports bettingChen Zhigang who was born on seabet casino reviewthe day、greeting card and warm blessing。In the classroom,To express my gratitude to Professor Chen's gratitude,Singing birthday song,Send a warm blessing to Professor Chen!

Respecting the teacher and the way,Ai Yuan Rujia。At this warm and unforgettable moment,We feel the sincere friendship between teachers and students of the college seabet mobileand the emotional bonds of their family seabet casino reviewmembers。May our teachers and students concentric,Unite friend love,Create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Author: Song Xiaomeng

First instance: Xu Ning  

Second Trial: Liu Zhenzhen

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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