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Source: Click: seabet online sports bettingTime: May 06, 2024 12:41

For students' anti -fraud cognitive less、Weak consciousness、Follow low questions,To further do a good job of the college's prevention of telecommunications network fraud,Freshly prevent financial fraud、Telecom Fraud Knowledge,The School of Computer School 2022 launched the prevention of telecommunications fraud security education in the Information Building 114 on April 30。Grade 2022 Counselor Liu Shuozhuang attended,Grade 2022 and all squad leaders attended the meeting。

First,Teacher Liu Shuozhuo uses several telecommunications seabet mobilefraud incidents of colleges and universities as citations,Pointing out that telecommunications fraud is frequent、concealment、Harmability,Once the student is affected by telecommunications fraud,In addition to the direct loss of property,It will also affect personal life,It may also affect academic。At the same time,Knowledge of preventing telecommunications fraud through learning,Help students enhance self -protection awareness,Improve the ability to identify fraud,Develop rationality、Careful consumption habits and network behavior

seabet mobileThen,Grade Director Bao Yixuan introduced in -depth introduction of telecommunications fraud,Including its type and characteristics、Fraud means and recognition method,Analysis of real cases,and proposed relevant preventive measures,Emphasizing the importance of improving the awareness of network security,Remind students to keep vigilance at all times in daily life,Do not lightly disclose personal information and bank card information,Avoid transfer to strangers,Caused the loss of personal property。At the same time, keep a sober mind when facing seabet sports bettingXiaohui Xiaoli,Don’t trust、Unveiled、No remittance、No transfer,Protect your own property security。

This prevention of telecommunications fraud security education will be successfully concluded,The squad leader Zhang Yaopeng said,Through this meeting,Effectively improved everyone's anti -fraud awareness and ability to identify fraud,enhanced the ability of college students to prevent telecommunications fraud、Differential ability and self -protection ability,To maintain the harmonious and stable campus、It is important to build a peaceful and harmonious campus。

seabet app downloadWriting: Bao Yixuan

Photography: Bao Yixuan

First instance: Liu Shuohuan

Second Trial: Shi Leihong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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