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Central South University"Sublimation Cup" college student extracurricular academic science and technology work competition"Challenge Cup" school competition in Hunan Province。After the preliminary screening is screened,2024Year4month27DayZhongnan University Yu Yuxiu TowerHolding the 18th sessionThe final defense of the "sublimation cup" college student entrepreneurial plan competition.4month28On the day, a happy news from Shengwang,Computer AcademyParticipate in this defense5The branch team bravely4GoldaSilvergood results

The award -winning topics are:GoldAward: "Elderly dependence"Zhongnan Xiaoya" Digital Health Robot "(Head of the person: Instructor of Jia Jiaming: seabet app downloadLong Jun、Chen Yantan、Guo Lin、Yang Jie)、"The hazy eyes—— Development of the Blood -based Blind Wearing System based on embedded type"(His person: Chen Sicheng Instructor: Chen Zhigang, Kili, Li Dayuan), "Cancer tube good——Base -based cancer -based cancer prognosis status prediction and analysis system "(person in charge: Yao Jingxiao instructor: Wang Jianxin、Kuanghulin)、"New Smart—— artificial intelligence guide new drug research and development"(Responsible person:Li Chaofan Instructor: Li Min, Zeng Min, Zheng Ruiqing, Xi Shichao)SilverAward: "Smart Brain GuardMulti -Modeling Skills function monitoring system "(Person in charge: Kou Changpeng  Instructors: Zhao Ying, Zhou Fangfang)

This competition has attracted attention,Hope students make persistent effortsComputer AcademyFight for honor.

Author: Zhou Qingzhang

First trial: Chen Siyu

Second Trial: Shi Leihong

Third Trial: Wang Xinhui

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