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seabet app download In order to summarize the results and experiences of skills training,Strengthen team cohesion,and promote exchanges and cooperation among team members,The assistant team of the School of Computer Academy held a skill training display competition in the conference room 535 of the Information Building。This competition aims to provide team members with its own growth、Opportunity to share the learning results of the group,To inspire members' work enthusiasm,Promoting team development。

Event is opened by the instructor of the assistant seabet sports betting seabet casino review team.。He emphasized,The purpose of the event is training skills、Summary experience、Strengthen communication,Inspiring the team in the form of a game to involve each person,Continuously enhance the cohesion of the team、Battlepower。At the same time, he pointed out the importance of the assistant team in the office,Encourage each member to play its own role,Contribute more for the college's work。

The competition is chaired by the person in charge Liu Yizheng,Each group shows when they work in different offices,Knowledge and skills learned in seabet online sports betting seabet casino review seabet casino review offline skills training,Show through PPT、Case Sharing、Video interaction and other forms vividly show the results and innovative practice of learning,Teacher Liu Shuozhuang also provides professional guidance and content deepening suggestions for each group。

After fierce competition,The final selection of the competition 1、2、Third Prize。Awards session,Representatives of the award -winning team came to the stage to express their speech,Express the love of the team and the outlook for future work。Ou Yixi said that this game is far seabet sports betting seabet app download -reaching,I also learned a lot through the form displayed by the group,I hope to lead the group to continue to strengthen learning,Constantly improve work skills,better service college work。

This group training summary and display competition is successfully concluded,Show the assistant team members、Style of hard work,At the same time, it deepen the assistant team consciousness、Home Cultural Consciousness。In future work,The assistant team will continue to carry forward the team spirit,Work together,Contribute to the development of seabet sports betting the college more strength。

Writing:Ou Yixi

Photography: Wang Bin   

First trial: Liu Shuohuan

Second Trial: Shi Leihong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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