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The pace of graduation is quietly approaching,Graduate students set foot on a new journey,Writing a new chapter。To save tangible resources,Passing the infinite power of knowledge,Hosted by the Ministry of Education and Industry of Central South University、A large seabet app download -scale large -scale event co -organized by the Qiutong Assistance Guidance Center- "Senior Torch" officially launched。The activity calls on the Central South Students with graduates as the main body to donate love books,Donates to the schoolmates in need,To realize the transmission of books。

In order to further publicize the "Torch of the Senior" love book transfer activity,Let more students who need it benefit,It also allows the precious collection of graduates to continue its value,Computer College adopts a combination of online+offline,Further expansion of the influence of the "Torch of the Senior" activity。Online,Publish activity information through the official WeChat public account of the college,seabet online sports betting and in QQ group、WeChat group and other channels are widely reposted,Call for undergraduate students to actively participate in book transfer。Offline,Student Assistant of the Student Office of the School of Student and Industry Going Deepening the Dormitory Building,Establish a donation shed at the bottom of each building,Poster poster、banner,Visit the graduates of the dormitory to carry out the "Sweeping Book",Detailed explanation of the purpose of the activity,Release of initiative and exquisite bookmark,To enhance the enthusiasm for participation in graduate students。Publicity method through online and offline linkage,Attract more teachers and students' attention and join in the "Torch seabet app download of the Senior" activity,Let more people benefit from the inheritance of this reading resource。

The assistant team conducts a book sweeping book a week in advance,Combined with the previous strong publicity,Students of the senior year and seniority also responded positively,Comparative books you want to donate in advance,Place neatly at the door,After collecting the books、Packing and transporting it to the activity room to save。

On the day of the event,The students who come to receive books are endless,They stop and choose their favorite books。After receiving the desired books,We also prepared knowledge questions and answering prizes,Students are with a fiery mood,Passes back and forth seabet online sports betting in the venue,Select carefully,Each student returns with books and prizes with full load。

"Thank you very much for being able to have such an event for us to receive so many books that you want,Thank you very much for the selfless donations of seniors and sisters,When I graduated,I will also donate all my books,Realizing the transmission of love。"A classmate who received the book says that he said this。

Torch spread,Not only the inheritance of books,It is a spiritual inheritance; it is not only the seniors and sisters' speechless expectations,Also the beacon and lighthouse on the road of seeking knowledge on Zhongnan students,It is the perfect expression of Zhongnan University to be true and beautiful to good, beautiful, and capable。seabet sports betting The spirit and strength of the seniors and sisters,Pass with these books together,Like a torch,Pass in the hands of the middle and south students in the generation of generations,Live of salary fire,Endless!

Writing: Liu Ruotian

First trial: Liu Shuohuan

Second Trial: Shi Leihong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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