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6month5Day,Students from the School of Computer, Central South University were invited to visit Huawei Changsha Research Institute。This event aims to deepen school -enterprise cooperation,Broaden students' employment vision,Improve students' professional literacy。The event is organized by Huawei Changsha Research Institute,Students and counselors at the School of Computer School of Central South University were invited to go to。

On the day of the event,Teachers and students travel to Huawei Changsha Research Institute,Research Institute's human resources director Lei Quan welcomes the college visit,and seabet sports betting led teachers and students to visit the office space of Huawei Changsha Research Institute、Environment and atmosphere。After showing the wall surface of the global collection of Huawei teams,Teachers and students deeply feel the spirit of Huawei's influence in the global market and teamwork spirit。Sunshine Kok Chuangjiao Employees' colorful amateur life,also allowed teachers and students to experience the corporate culture of Huawei's "work and life balance"。In the carefully prepared afternoon tea break,,Students actively communicate,The atmosphere is relaxed and happy。

Detailed explanation of Huawei overview and business,Lei Quan Director first from the entire Huawei Group's business layout、Core concept、Market Strategy to R & D Innovation,Make a simple introduction to the students。He mentioned,Huawei is committed to creating a smart world of all things interconnected,seabet mobile Business for consumers、Focus on operators and government -enterprise customersICTTechnology for research and development,Always maintain high R & D investment,Create more value for customers and society through innovation。corporate culture,Huawei advocates multiple openness,Talent,For corporate employees,The company provides a multi -path growth plan and a clear development direction plan。Later, I also introduced the development history and hardship history of Huawei Changsha Research Institute in detail,The students were deeply attracted,Thinking。In terms of key employment positions,Lei Quan introducedAIEngineer、Software Development Engineer、Algorithm engineer and network security and privacy protection engineers,This play a vital role in Huawei's technological innovation and business development。

Through this link,Students seabet casino review have a deep understanding of the overall business layout and core concept of Huawei Group,Especially for the specific business and job needs of the Huawei Changsha Research Institute, I have a clear understanding。They not only saw Huawei's corporate culture and diversified business,I also learned that Huawei's leading position and innovation spirit in the global market。

Subsequent,Two Central South China University alumni from Huawei Software Business Products,2020Sister Luo Shengxue and2010Director Zhu Guanghui, who entered the job annual,Share their experience and experience of their work in Huawei。Senior Sister Sister tells Huawei's working environment from her own perspective、Career development path and bit experience growing in Huawei,Provided valuable career planning suggestions for students present。

In the following seniors and sisters answering questions,Students ask seabet sports betting questions actively,Questions involved academic qualifications、job selection、Promotion channels and interview requirements,Two alumni answers meticulously,The atmosphere at the scene is warm。

Last,Tan Zhijun, Director of Huawei Changsha Research Institute, summarizes,Welcome to the arrival of teachers and students of the Central South University University of Computer Sciences,He pointed out that Huawei has the needs of high -level talents,From Huawei's leading concept and multiple perspectives, I share more content in the development and technical practice with students,Provide students with more inspiration and guidance,Also welcome students to communicate more。

The event ended successfully in the warm group photo。Through this activity,Students not only understand Huawei's corporate culture and business layout,It also enhances confidence and direction of future career development。This seabet online sports betting event is another successful practice of deepening cooperation and exchanges between the School of Computer, Central South University and Huawei Changsha Research Institute,The two parties look forward to the future talent training、Scientific research cooperation has more exchanges and cooperation。

Writing: Yang Jialin

First trial: Liu Shuohuan

Second Trial: Shi Leihong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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