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Source: Click: Time: June 10, 2024 17:16

In order to send graduates in a farewell graduate,Promoting teachers and students' friendship,Active Development College Sports Culture,The 2024 graduate basketball game hosted by the Youth League Committee of the School of Computer School of Central South University was successfully held on the afternoon of June 8th at the basketball hall of the new campus。

A total of three teams seabet sports betting participated in this competition: undergraduate graduate team、Master Graduate Team and Teachers Basketball Team three teams,Divided into six sections,Section 1 and 6 is 34 points,Twenty -point system,The final total score is set at 168 points,It contains the college's good wishes for 2024 graduates。

This basketball game,Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee Wang Xinhui,Chen Siyu, Secretary of the Youth League Committee,Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee Yuan Yi,Counselor Xie Huaiping and other teachers came seabet app download to the scene,Participate in it。

Score in the game tightly bites,Everyone shows uniform work、Stubborn Fighting Team Spirit。Flexible footsteps,Fighting sweat,and the excellent performance of the stadium ignited,I portrayed the wonderful presentation of this competition。Teachers compete passionly with their classmates after playing,more created a harmonious atmosphere of the teacher and friend。

After the game, Secretary Wang and the teachers shaken and took a photo with all graduates,Express seabet sports betting the sincere concern and wishes for them。

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Friendship First,Competition 2,We hope to use this basketball game,Can make graduates feel the warmth of the college family,Actively participate in sports after graduation,Get new vitality,With the stubborn hard work spirit shown on the court,Better to work and study。Youth Fearless,Basketball Unbounded,May each graduate from the School of Computer Remember this precious time,Bad dream chasing,Writing a more brilliant chapter for the future!

Copy Source: Liu Guisong

seabet sports betting Picture source: Qing Chen

First instance: Yuan Yi    

Second Trial: Shi Lei Hong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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