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10 am on June 16, 2024,The annual reporting meeting of the graduate school school of the School of Computer School of Central South University is held at 313 in the computer building。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Computer School Wang Xinhui、The instructor of the Graduate Association Liu Shuozhuang attended the meeting,All members of the Graduate Association participated in this meeting,The conference is chaired by Ye Wei。

Before the meeting officially started,Chairman of the Graduate Association Zhu Pengyang organized everyone to watch the video celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the New China and the relevant seabet online sports betting video of party discipline learning and education,Through the power of the image,Let students deeply feel the great achievements made since the founding of New China,At the same time in the world's 100 years of unchanged changes,In the journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,The situation facing the party is more complicated,The task shoulder is even more difficult,All cadres must further strengthen discipline consciousness、Strengthen self -constraint、Improve immunity。

At the beginning of the meeting,All standing,Singing the national anthem。Subsequent,Deputy Secretary Wang Xinhui delivered a speech。He emphasized,The job conference is not only a review summary of the work of the past year,Looking forward to the future、Important nodes of motivation。He congratulated and appreciated the significant results of his research in the past year,At the seabet sports betting same time, it also pointed out the current problems and deficiencies,He hopes that graduate students will be able to make the work deeply around the practical needs of the college graduate students,In order to build a harmonious new era "Guide Relationship" idea、Point ideas,Realize the consensus condensation and value identity in the guidance and exchanges,Contributions to the growth of graduate students to serve graduate students。

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Next,Representatives of various departments in turn to work in turn。They introduced in detail their respective departments in the cultural and sports activities、Academic Exchange、Account Management、Students' rights and interests, and propaganda cooperation。The reports of various departments are highlights,Fully demonstrated the hard work and outstanding achievements of the students of the graduate association。

seabet casino review Subsequent,Members of the Presidium of the Graduate Association summarized。Wang Yijin and Zhang Yueqi reviewed the work journey of the graduate school for one year,Summarized the lesson lesson of department management,and proposed the future development direction and goals。They said that all departments will continue to work hard,Contribute your own strength to the booming development of the Graduate Association。Zhu Pengyang once again emphasized the purpose and mission of the Graduate Association in his speech。He said,Graduate students will find the teachers and students of the whole college to find、Trusting、Excellent organizations inseparable。For this,Graduate students will continue to work hard,Constantly improving its own quality and ability,Provide a better service for teachers and students of the whole hospital。

To recognize students who have made outstanding contributions to graduate seabet sports betting students in the past year,The conference specially arranged the awards link。Secretary Wang Xinhui personally issued an honorary certificate to the winners and took a group photo。This link is not only affirmation of the hard work of the students,It is even more encouraged and motivated to continue their efforts in the future。

Last,The instructor Liu Shuohuo made a summary speech。He conducted in -depth analysis of the work characteristics of various departments,and proposed the idea of ​​the standardized work constitution of the future graduate school。He emphasized,Graduate students will better serve teachers and students,Actively seek multi -party cooperation,jointly carry out more activities that are conducive to the development of the college。

This preaching conference not only shows the style and achievements of graduate seabet sports betting students in the past year,It is even insufficient summary、Plan the important seabet app download opportunity to plan the future。The so -called "I am not going to go,The person who knows to be chased ",I believe in the joint efforts of all teachers and students,Graduate students will be able to create glory again,Contributing to the high -quality development of the computer college。

Photography: Tao Yijia

Writing: Zhuo Shilong

First trial: Liu Shuohuan

Second Trial: Shi Lei Hong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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