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Student Union for the Youth League Committee of the College、Graduate Association's work will be carried out reasonably and orderly,Better service college teachers and students,7month9Day afternoon4, Central South UniversityStudent Union of the Youth League Committee of the School of Computer、Graduate Association Cadres' Examination and Phase Phase Issue Cadre Training Meeting in the Information Building114Hold。Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee Wang Xinhui、The instructors of various organizations attended the meeting,Student Union of the Youth League Committee of the School of Computer、The new student cadres attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Mr. Chen Siyu, Secretary of the Youth League Committee。

The heads of various departments reported their respective work、At this stage of problems and the next school year work plan。Wang Yishuo、Yang Xinran、Liang、Fang Jiaxuan seabet online sports betting introduced the work of various departments of the Youth League Committee,Expresses noble respect and heartfelt thanks to every instructor and Youth League committee cadres,Students' work full of challenges and opportunities in the future maintains unprecedented motivation; Jia Huixiang、Bu Dehua、Wang Zixuan reviewed the exploration and practice of students' work in the last semester,and look forward to the work arrangement of this semester,Putting a lot of hope and suggestions for student cadres,Putting their own opinions on the establishment of the community department; Wang Tian and、Zhang Yue、Ye Wei introduced the work of various departments of the Graduate Association,Together with the results of the graduate students in academic exchanges,The future will be continued,Yong innovative high; Liu Yipeng、Yang Shihao reported on a number of special activities of the Information Propaganda Center,such asClanguageCMay comics push、Selection of the Photography Contest、seabet sports betting Surrounding Cultural and Creative Design,Pointing out the dilemma of Xinxuan's current work,In the future of the new school year reform,The leader of the college promotion; Wu Xuelin、Liu Xinlang asked Qu Chen reading for the academic development and service center、Auxiliary Program、A series of activities such as the 46th Experience Sharing Meeting, etc., explained and reported,Pointing out the problem of lack of hands to develop people,Looking forward to cooperating with Xinxuan to publicize and learn uniforms; Zhang Yaopeng、Zhao Zhonghua classmate rightItTraining Camp、Competition counseling and other work reports,and proposed that the University Student Science and Technology Association will deepen corporate cooperation、Increase publicity and promotion、Raise the competition participation three aspects, continuously improved、Development; Liang Yejing、Wang Jianzhong reported a series of activities organized by the Heart Assistance Association and the school heart.,seabet app download I believe that Xinfu will lack college characteristics、The issue of low participation and related measures to change the status quo for the plan。

During the work guidance process,Teacher Song Xiaomeng focused on calling on each department to support each other,Strengthen the example of student cadres,Emphasized the importance of learning and learning style。

Teacher Liu Shuo Shuo emphasized that graduate students will use their instructor strength,Improve the ability and level of scientific research and education,Strengthen the interaction of this research。

Teacher Yuan Yi pointed out that all cadres must have global consciousness,Clarify the mission and responsibilities of your own work and clarify the priority of work。

Teacher Chen Siyu explained the idea of ​​creating special brand activities,Multi -United School Youth League Committee carried out cultural quality activities,Emphasis on the work contact of the Propaganda Department of the Youth League Committee and the Information Propaganda Center,I put forward a mission to all student seabet sports betting cadres、Performing duties due to duties、Yin Yin hope for creating good achievements。

Last,Deputy Secretary Wang Xinhui with "the stone of other mountains,First of all, innovative activities,New requirements for student cadres and student work。First of all, innovative activities,The unchanged innovation is a fake handlebar,Innovation of pretending to be in place is step,To learn the excellent activities of others,Reform and innovate the current activities。Then Secretary Wang mentioned features,Establish a student cadre group with the characteristics of the School of Computer,Do "no one has me,People have me excellent ",Take the "Integrity Exam" as an example,Require cadres to make a brand of computer colleges。Then,Requires the construction of learning style,Continue to promote the construction of the "Five Good Dormitory",Student cadres as students as students、Model,Do a good job of learning from the School of Computer Academy。Finally, I will teach all cadres,It is seabet mobile mentioned that student cadres are responders for student work、Practice of the College Scheme、The leader of the school style、Collector of student thought,Emphasize "one step first"、"Dare to dry、True Gan、Struggle "style of the style of student cadres,and put forward strict requirements,To adhere to the principle、Strict to discipline,Provide a solid guarantee for the construction and development of the college。

Author: Liu Yipeng, Yang Shihao

Photography: Liu Yipeng

First instance: Chen Siyu

Second Trial: Shi Lei Hong

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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