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Scientific research dynamics

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NearDay,International Computer Association (ACM) The Chinese Council announced 2023YearACM China "Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award" (referred to as "Youbo Award") selection results,Ni Peng, a doctoral graduate of the School of Computer School of our school, get 2023YearACM China Youbo Award.

Research results obtained by doctoral students in the field of computer in China,Further promote the development and progress of young scholars in the field of scientific research,ACM China Council from 2014Established from the yearACM China "Youbo Award",Selected more than 2 doctoral graduates who have obtained outstanding scientific research results in related fields each year to get the award。

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2023yearACM China "Youbo Award" award list

seabet app downloadNi Peng is the School of Computer2017Level doctoral student, Yu2022year12Monthly obtained a doctorate degree in engineering,The instructor is Professor Wang Jianxin, School of Computer, Central South University。Ni Peng is currently serving as a lecturer position at the School of Computer School of Central South University,Mainly engaged in biological information data processing and algorithm research,At present, the research direction is three -generation sequencing data analysis and disease association mode mining,Research results are published inNature Communications、bioinformatics、Communications BiologyAuthoritative journals in the field of biological information science, of whichNature Communications Published 2 Articles (1 is selected as Featured Article).Ni Peng's doctoral dissertation is "5mc modification detection and calculation method based on the three generations of high -throughput sequencing",This paper is weak for the valid signal of the third -generation sequencing data、Methods such as methylation mode are difficult to detect,Application statistics and deep learning methods,DEEPSIGNAL, a 5MCPG detection method based on nano -pore sequencing, respectively proposed.、Plant 5mc detection seabet app downloadmethod based on nano-hole sequencing DEEPSIGNAL-PLANT and PACBIO CCS sequencing multiple 5MCPG detection method CCSMETH。Methods proposedhas aroused widespread attention and high evaluation of colleagues at home and abroad,I got nature、Science、Nature Biotechnology、Nature Reviews Genetics and other international topics in international publications for multiple papers for reference,Makely applied to human cancer many times、Objective research research in the analysis of fungal evolution and the complex areas of plant genome,Provides effective methods and tool support for researchers and other seabet mobilefields in the fields of biology and medicine

First trial: Wang Jianxin

Second Trial: Li Min

Third trial: Wang Xinhui

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